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12/29/2009 at 4:32 PM

Herbert was my first cousin, a contemporary of my brother Arthur Edelstein (Stevens). Herb was a big six foot plus as my brother Art was! Herb worked in his fathers meat store and eventually opened another store. He met Rowena his wife and then moved out to SanFrancisco where Rowena and her family came from.
I remember Herbert comming in from California and staying with Joan and I until his flight back to San Francisco after visiting and taking care of some business. Herb had me take him to the local Kosher Deli to bring back Frankfurters and Pastrami etc. It was packed in a cardboard carton and carried with his belongings on the plane. Herb later called me and said that the aroma drove the passengers wild because it was so tempting. He was funny always jovial!

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