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My father died September 16 1975 Marciano Macam de Leon . Burial place is in Bacolod City Alijis Cementary .
My mother died May 14, 1992. Burial Place is in Cadiz City Negros Occidental together with Lola Meling Carmen Ylores Vda de Uytiepo Stepmother of Yoyeng Dolores Y. Uytiepo died May 25 1997 date of birth is March 26 1904 and
Jose Marie Uytiepo de Leon Died March 5 1964 date of birth is April 2, 1946
Haydee Uytiepo de Leon and Rebecca Uytiepo de Leon Burial place is in Malolos Bulacan I have not established there information only date of birth which for Haydee its August 29, l948 and Rebecca is September 26, 1951...

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1/3/2010 at 8:35 PM

thanks for the info Carlitos, I already updated on your tree ....

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