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My grandfather was Hans(Henry) Thomsen, one of his brothers was Andrew Thomsen. At some point, Andrew Got tired of people spelling Thomsen incorrectly with a P, so he just started using Thompsen. My father was Arthur Thomsen, a cousin to Wilfred, Kenneth, Chester, Sophie and Leonard. For a number of years, I started coming up to Reedly 4 or 5 times a year to visit with Chet and Grace. I met all the Thompsen's in the area, but developed a good friendship with Thomas and His wife-Girlfriend (Sorry, bad Memory). I Spent many visits at their house near Fresno. I didn't intend to write a book here, just trying to put things in perspective. I Have traced the Thomsen Family History back to the early 1800's. I have many photos, ancedotes, and family stories. If you are interested i can provide same by email or snail mail. My email adress is hoping to hear from Thomas or anyone. Thanks

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