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Frederick Martin Dahl
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I'm not sure if I already gave you the following info or not. But here it goes again. Please get back back with and thanks!!!

Thanks for your response. According to a newspaper article I have regarding my great grandfather, here is the information publicized.

Frederick Martin Dahl, was born on July 4, 1861, in Norway (no city mentioned). He arrived in the US on May 7, 1880. Eight years after his arrival he joined the Army. He fought in the Indian Wars, fighting against Geronimo and Crazy Horse. His discharge papers stated he participated in campaigns at Standing Rock. At one time he served with General George Custer. He was discharged on February 23, 1892, at Ft. Snelling, Minnesota. He became a US citizen on August 17, 1894.

He later married Emma Carlson, a native of Sweden, who resided in Minneapolis.

They had two sons, Frederick Martin, Jr., and Emil Julius. While Emil was 4 months old, they returned to their homeland, but after eight months returned to Minnesota. They later bought a small farm in Fruithurst, Alabama, apparently raising grapes for wineries. There were at the time three vineyards in that area. They all did very well but prohibition closed the wineries. They tried shipping all grapes north but it seems as though they spoiled by the time they reached their destinations.

Many of the immigrants tried other occupations. Many of them left for the Midwest where large numbers of Swedes and Germans had settled. My great grandfather stayed on and took up the carpentry trade and built a grist (?) mill near Fruithurst.

Their sons, Fred and Emil (my grandfather) attended school in Fruithurst. Later they were sent to Saint Oliff College in Minnesota. During World War I, Fred served in the Army Infantry. After the war, he decided to stay in Philadelphia but Emil returned home to Tallapoosa, Georgia. He later married my grandmother, Norma Treadaway, at Haralson County Courthouse in Buchanan, Georgia. They had two sons, Emil, Jr, and Kenneth Martin (my father).

My grandfather Emil died in 1972 and my grandmother died two years ago, both in Tallapoosa, Georgia.

My father and his brother are still living.

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