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Started by Harold Lumicao LIBAN on Monday, January 11, 2010


1/11/2010 at 5:16 PM

Being a Filipino Gaddang Genealogist. Gaddang is the name of my Ancestral Tribe, an Indigenous Philippine Tribe, in the Cagayan Valley of Northern Luzon. Gaddang is also the name of our Language (dialect). I've discovered over the years before that a Mother's Maiden Name is one of the most important name linking a specific child's name to a specific mother's maiden name. Among Filipino names there so many individuals with the same first name: Maria, Pedro, Juan, Esperanza, Antonio, Andres, etc.. Descendants names are repeated many times, and without the mother's maiden name of a child it is difficult to link the two. Every generation has a different Mother's Maiden Name. On the Basic Profile there is a box for a Maiden Name. Many of my relatives are confused what this box is used for. As I understand it a Maiden Name is the Last name. I use Middle Name is a Mother's Maiden Name, but other relatives get confused by the Middle Name space. At times there are so many names in the Profiles you can't tell which is which. I'd like to fix it, but it's a mess.

Another thing they are confused when adding the female spouse name using her married name instead of her unmarried name. This appears that siblings are married to each other. They don't realize that with the unmarried female spouse name, they can back trace the spouse's parents maternal and paternal side of her family.

I hope you can re-name the Middle Name Space as Middle Name / Mother's Maiden Name, or add a box, Mother's Maiden Name in the Profile Basics.

Harold Lumicao Liban

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