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Started by Lee Eric Carter on Saturday, January 16, 2010


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1/16/2010 at 2:42 AM

Oh My.....Thelma Moore!!! I feel out of place adding much information about her. I am sure that others would be better informed to do so. My first memory of her was the picture that is posted here. It hung in our living room growing up. I remember she would call sometimes late at night and talk to everyone. She would send me $50 every year for my birthday. That was a big deal!!!!! What I liked best was the fact she would call and make sure that I got the money she sent. She wanted to make sure it got to the right hands. She was a funny and feisty lady who had some major spunk. I remember going yard-sale shopping with her and she would sind herself inside the peoples home and would wave to us. LOL She was a very sentimental lady who would cry at the drop of a hat when recalling loved ones in her past. She smoked those long black Moore cigarettes all the time. She was a talker and would snarl up her nose and giggle all the time when saying something off-colored. She was married but had no children. Her later years she lived alone in a senior apartment until she had to go into a nursing home for extended care. I visited her a few times there and she was still old Thelma giving the staff heck anytime she got a chance. Lmay and Dad took good care of her in her final days.

9/18/2010 at 7:28 AM

Another little tid-bit: Thelma was eldest of the Carter children. When her mother was taken away to the tuberculosis sanatorium in the early thirties; she helped to raise the other siblings with Dortha. After her mother's death (in 1938) she herslef was found with the disease. She spent a number of years in the Boonesville, Arkansas TB sanatorium as well. While there she married the first of several husbands.

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