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1/19/2010 at 6:22 PM

Was this the first man to give his children the name Rautert?
There are indications of a Bernhard Henrich Rauter born about 1728 in Of Flieriech, Westfallen, Germany, which I guess to be his father to have been the first, but I am not sure. There are about 120 Rautert in Germany today, so this quest of finding the "original Rautert" may not be too difficult.
The coat of arms of Berent Rautert 1698, seems to be from an ancestor of ours according to two cousins living in Germany today.
Richard Rautert

1/20/2010 at 5:43 PM

Which cousins claim this, and what is the basis of the claim?
The coat of arms indicates property ownership. I need to find information on Berent Rautert, and where the information German arms can be found.

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1/21/2010 at 8:16 AM

Cousin Hermann, and Brigitte. They don't know each other. They both swear he is our ancestor.
The coat of arms of Berent Rauter (I misspelled his last name above), was sent to me from Hermann is originally in color. Brigitte knows it, and says there is a church in Muenster that has it. I went on Google images, no luck. Brigitte has four young kids and she is not a computer person.
Rauter is a much more common name even in the USA, and I believe that is the original form from which Rautert came from.
It is intriguing for me, because I have here a missing link from Johannes Rauter born 1755, who gave his children the name Rautert, and Berent Rauter born or had a coat of arms in 1698. There is at least a generation missing. For me, this is like a man in the dark telling: "Find me!"
I find your approach new. I remember feudal lords having property and they were by definition warriors, but I didn't think of the meaning 'property' this far up in History in 1698.
Where there is property ------there is a paper trail.......
Now, from the German arms I never pursued that deep either. Thank you

1/21/2010 at 6:28 PM

Thank you Richard. The church in Muenster is key to the answer. The parish records may lead us to Johannes Rauter!

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