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Started by Bob Frydenlund on Thursday, January 21, 2010


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1/21/2010 at 11:51 AM

Tora HELGESDATTER and Bjorn GUNBJORNSEN are parents to:

Gjertrud BJORNSDATTER was born 1734 in Sundseie,Sigdal,Buskerud,Norway, and...

She married Engebret PEDERSEN 1754 in Sigdal,Buskerud,Norway.

He was born 1722 in Jokstadeie,Sigdal,Buskerud,Norway, and died 1792 in Sigdal,Buskerud,Norway.

Engebret PEDERSEN was the father to...

Hans Engebretsen was the father to...

Engebret HANSEN b: 1801 in Bjornsjordet,Sigdal,Buskerud,Norway...

who was the father to Halvor Engebretsen FRYDENLUND

who was the father to MY Grand father KRISTOFFER HALVOR Engrbretsen FRYDENLUND..

My father's Father... Iam BOB FRYDENLUND< New Richmond, WISCONSIN, USA.

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