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"Bracey lost his home when Danbury was burned by the British. Had land laid out to him by the Town Nov. 10, 1776. Made Freeman Apr. 8, 1805. Perhaps was a Paymaster in the Revolution. Bracey and Anna deeded land in Miry Brook, Dec. 30, 1782. .He was on the Danbury Tax List 1793 to 1817. No Probate records there. He was Surveyor of Highways Dec. 15, 1777, Dec. 13, 1784 an dDec. 14, 1789, and was on a Committee to inspect provisions for the Continental Army Mch. 24, 1780. He was a "Lister" Dec. 16, 1785, and Tytheing man Dec. 10, 1792, and Dec. 9, 1806. Church records show Bracey and Mary Knapp were received into membership Mch. 13, 1816. He had land deeded to him Jan. 16, 1778 and to and from him Feb. 18, 1786 and Dec. 9, 1794 at Danbury. There is a story in teh family as follows: Anna (Wildman) Knapp had done a large baking the day the English Army burned Danbury and retreated through Ridgefield. She saw the soldiers coming, sent her children into the woods back of her house, dropped her silver in a basket down into the well and then gave her entire baking, bread, cakes, pies, beans, etc. to the Red Coats who refrained from burning her house. From Co. 1, p. 49, First Book of Records at the City Hall, Danbury: "At a Legal Town Meeting held in Danbury Mch. 24, 1780, Mr. Samuel Taylor was chosen moderator. At said meeting Messrs. Noble Benedict, James Clark, John McLean, James Seely, Bracey Knapp, Joseh .... were appointed a Committee to Inspect Provisions for the Continental Army." The DAR has ruled that Bracey, being on a Committee for the inspection of food or being a Surveyor, a civil office, would make him eligible as an ancestor doing Revolutional service. In 1936 HB Betts reported Bracey's tombstone was broken off and the letters about gone, Anna's stone was in good shape. Bracey Knapp is listed as a member of the 2nd Baptist Church Nov. 26 1816. His wife Anna was a member July 21, 1798. Conn. Historical Soc. Collection, Col. IX, French and Indian war Rolls, p. 238 says: Bracey Knapp, 18 days service, Capt. John Barnum, Danbury, campaign of 1757--relief of Fort William Henry. Perhaps Bracey had a son Thomas and another son Bracey."

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