The book Autobiography and Reminiscences contains a biography of the ancestry of Wiley M. Crook.

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The other brother from Wales is my great-great-grandfather, and settled in South Carolina. His son, James Crook, is my great-grandfather and lived in Spartanburg District, South Carolina. My great-grandfather served under Gen. George Washington in the Revolutionary war and was captain of a company. He had six sons, all reared in South Carolina. Jesse and James remained in that State; Joe and William went to near Dalton, Georgia; Jonathan and Jerry went to Henderson county, Tennessee, about the time the Indians were moved to the Indian Territory, now a part of the great State of Oklahoma. My grandfather, Jonathan Crook, and his brother, Jerry, married sisters, Lucy and Polly Arnold, before they left South Carolina. Lucy was my grandmother. They had three sons and four daughters, John, James and Willis; their daughters, Polly, who married Thos. Dodds; Sallie married Jno. Conner; Elminey, William Hopper, and Emily, Pinkney Tap. The last named son and three last named daughters, were not married until grandfather went to Tippah county, Mississippi, just after the Indians were brought out by our government. My father, Uncle John ‘Crook and Aunt Polly Dodds had already married and remained in Tennessee. Grandfather gave those three married children a home adjoining each other. Uncle John Crook was a Baptist preacher and about 1860 moved to Mississippi and in later years went with some of his children to Bell county, Texas, and died there. James W. Crook, my father, was born in Spartanburg District, South Carolina in 1816. His first marriage was to Sarah Thomas. From this union were born three daughters, Lucy, Mary and Sallie. This wife died about the year 1840, and in the year 1843 he and my mother married. Her maiden name was Eliza C. Hodges and they lived on the old homestead given him by his father until the death of my father in December, 1850.

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