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3/29/2010 at 1:04 PM

To: No Name, Lisa Marie Barns Helig Shepard----- I would be ashamed to put my name on this too.
In reguards to the referance "to whom it may concern" you have a very short memory as to whom you are refering to. But I guess as you do not require any monitary assistance you can forget the proper way to address people whom have helped you in your time of need.
Save your breath - it will stand. he was born to Tim and Lisa Heilig and that is a court record. When TJ was first born the entire family had a good family relationship untill YOU lost all that weight and started flirting around with every thing that had pants on. I knew when we saw you at Circuit City with a denium dress on and it was unzipped down to you breasts what you were doing. Then you gave Tim a song and dance about poor Tate and talked Tim into moving Tate in to your house with Tim still living there, and Tim catching you and Tate in a compromised position, with Tate sucking on you toes.

I know for certain that Tim did pay support and when he went on disability he had TJ's checks started and you spent the lumps sum check on a boat. I do not know what you did that was so bad that they stoped the checks. I have talked to Social Security and so has Tim, since TJ is living with you, you are the only one that can strighten it out...... WE have tryed but they would not talk to us as the problem appears to be at your end.

If Samantha and Aggie was alive to see this crap they would be ashamed of what you have turned into.

I would think a person as old as you are would haved mellowed some after you lost Samantha at such a young age. But it is plain to see that you have not changed for the better, if anything you are less of a person now than you were then!

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