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2/10/2010 at 10:34 AM

Sadly I never knew my grandmother, as she died 21 Jan, 1907, after giving birth to my Uncle Jim, Born 28 Dec. 1906, due to an infection resulting from child birth. Which my Grandfather a widower with two little girls and now a baby to raise. My mother was 4 yrs and Aunt Ethel was 2 yrs. My grandfather decided to hire a housekeeper, but being a proper man he married Margaret Blair Barnard as Scotish woman, I am in contact with her great grand daughter. It wasn't a happy situation for all unfortunately, and a lot of difficulties occurd for the family on all sides. My grandfather James died when my mother was 14, due to an accident when a horse kicked him in the abdomen, causing infection from which he died. Mother soon hired herself out to the local drygoods store and became very proficient making women's clothing of all sorts, later in Winnipeg she was hired by as a costume designer, and later worked for the Eaton's Department store in the glove department. At that time a lady came to her counter , staring at her, making her very uncomfortable. Enquiring of the lady she found this lady had been a frient of Jesse (her mother), and she had a piece of linen that Jessie had given her which had been woven by Jessie's mother Elizabeth (Betsy) Hinksman. I have that piece of linen. Mom later worked for the Hudson's Bay Co. as a person who compares good with other competitors. Ethel May (Davies) Became a nurse after many years struggling to get her education, Jean Marion (step sister), had a difficult life, and James grew up sadly abused and struggled most of his life to try to farm, but never really successful, he did marry a good lady and she died a 100 yrs. They adopted Jean's son and he also had problems, and died early. It's a sad story in many ways, but life went on for the two girls of the family. Arlene.

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Hi Arlene
You may like to put interesting information like this in the 'overview' of the profile which you can get to either from the overview tab (if nothing has already been entered) or go to 'edit profile' and then from the choices down the left hand side choose 'about me'.

This discussion area is ok except it tends to be used to solve conflicting data or to discuss the best solution to such problems as merging etc.

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