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2/11/2010 at 7:31 PM

As stated in the Overview for Grandfather, from Helen's Baptismal papers was handwritten information on the where both parents were born. As I have recorded, Grandfather's birthplace was "Oriarczyk, District Skole".

I have long figured that Oriarczyk is the name of the Village from where he came. I have struggled to find this village in any records and could not seem to get any further than Skole, which is in Ukraine. Through Grandfather's brother's son, I have confirmed that they considered themselves to be Ukrainian. Knowing that the name was written in a polish variant, I figured the same might apply to the name of the village name, and I decided to look for similarly named villages in and around Skole.

Whola! I have found a village named Oryavchyk that is in the Carpathian Mountains and I strongly believe this is the town from where he came. My rationalization is as follows: This Village name has 3 letters that are different than the one I deciphered from the handwritten information, and more interestingly 2 of them appear to transcend from Polish/Ukrainian differences. For example, the 3rd letter on the baptismal papers was written as an "i", the name of the village that I found uses a "y". "i" and "y" swaps are common between Polish and Ukrainian names. Also, the 3rd to last letter was listed as a "z" but the name of the village I found is spelled with an "h". From a pronunciation perspective, I do not believe there is a difference.

Finally and probably more interesting is that the fact that the final letter that was different is likely an interpretation error by me. The baptismal papers appeared to list the 5th or middle letter as an "r". The name of the village I found is spelled with a "v". I recall when looking at the letter that it was curved like an "r", but that it did have a equally sized "tail" on both the left and the right. Since it was curved I interpreted it as a "r", but it could have easily been a fancy "v".


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