The Five Sisters/Aunts of Anthony-Cooper Children

Started by Cynthia Anthony on Thursday, February 11, 2010


2/11/2010 at 10:30 PM

Aunt Rosa Lee White(Parrot no Marriage), Aunt Annie Mazzie-Thurston?(dau-Doris Mcdonald), Aunt Be Bennie Ree Bryant (husband Ephraim, adopted dau Caroline- muscular dystrophy), Octavia Burton-Baby, youngest(Bernice dau-dad not married to Octavia-puerto rican/cuban). The Oldest who raided them all Mama Viola Thuston, husband uncle Sam Thurston-from Bahamas(no children, only the two nieces/granddaughters-Melvina and Delores Cooper, father Cooper, deceased.) These aamilies were like the hatfield and the mccoys, they were never close to the Anthony children.The angry Deloress made sure of it. Cynthia made a couple of attempts to meet with the Thurstons, not good.hThere was a sister of uncle Sam-Inez, lived across the street on cypress in Tampa Fl, not a nice person, she looked very white in color, and very angry. Mama Viola killed chicken,ate friut had tree nad old pumpfor good cold water, Rosalee Parrot said her name all day, Bennie Ree came we ran, Took me to church..

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