October 2009 Inducted to the Idaho State University Sports Hall of Fame

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2/12/2010 at 9:35 PM

Two things occured in October at the Idaho State University; I was appointed to the ISU Alumni Board of Directors for a 4 year term [meetings held 3 times a year], Homecoming in the Fall, and Graduation time in the Spring at ISU, the other during winter at Boise to meet with the State Legislature, the second thing that happened, I was inducted into the Idaho State University Sports Hall of Fame at which time my older brother Jeff and his wife Barbara, second daughter Jolyn, husband Jeremy and son Jamie, son Robert, wife Erin, son Cody and daughter Cadee came along to share the moment. Presented by the President of the Idaho State University Dr. Arthur C Vailas was a medal, a plaque, a picture, and a pin indicating the event. Along with a female volleyball player, and two football players - one notable was the Jared Allen who is playing for the Baltimore Pro football team, Dr Mick Mickelson was given the "Lifetime award" his dedication to the Athletic program as well as being team Doctor.

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