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Started by Terry Jackson (Switzer) on Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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2/16/2010 at 3:16 PM

In Medlands:
Talking about Roger & Robert Corbet it says:

Two brothers, presumably sons of a Norman named "Corbet" whose name has not been found in his own capacity in the primary sources so far consulted in the preparation of the present document:

So I am wondering who found Hugh and what evidence they have for him. (or is everyone blindly following Scott?)

The Two brothers were both from Shropshire so where is Hugh's association with Shropshire.

For the record there are still remains of a CORBET presence in Shropshire today!

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2/17/2010 at 12:56 PM

Stirnet has:
Hugh le Corbeau or Corbet (a 1040)
1. Hugh le Corbeau or Corbet (in Normandy)
2. Roger FitzCorbet (a 1121)
A. William de Corbet of Caus Castle and Wattlesborough
i. Thomas Corbet of Wattlesborough or Watlesburgh
BP1934 (Corbet) identifies this Thomas as grandfather of Sir Richard Corbet who settled at Moreton and reports that "Twelfth in descent from this Sir Richard was" Sir Vincent of Moreton Corbet, living in 1606. We provide details of the descent from Visitation and BEB1841. Some web sites refer to Thomas Corbet 'the pilgrim' and a Simon Corbet of Pontesbury as being at the beginning of this descent, some mentioning Simon as ancestor of the Corbets of Caus Castle, but we know of no reason to doubt the Visitation and BEB1841.
a. Sir Roger Corbet
m1. ??
(1) Sir Richard Corbet of Wattlesborough, later of Moreton (d before 1235)
m. Joanna Turret (dau of Bartholomew Turret of Morton or Moreton)
(A) Richard Corbet of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet (d 1255)
m. Petronilla (a 1272, of Edgebaldenham and Booley)
(i) Sir Robert Corbet of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet (d 1300)
m1. Katherine Strange (dau of _ Strange of Knokinge)
(a) Thomas Corbet (dvpsp)
m2. Matilda de Arundel (d 1309, of Tiddeshall and Habberley)
(b) Sir Thomas Corbet (b 1281, d 1310)
m. Amice (possibly daughter of Ralph Hussey)
((1)) Sir Robert Corbet of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet (b 1304, d 1375/6)
Robert's wife is named only as Elizabetha by Visitation. 'Mathematical' suggests that she was ...
m. Elizabeth le Strange (possibly dau of Fulk le Strange, 1st Lord of Blackmere)
((A)) Sir Roger Corbet of Moreton Corbet and Shawbury (d c1395)
m. Margaret (d 1395, dau of Edrington, lord of Shawbury)
((i)) Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet, Sheriff (d 1440)
m. Margaret Mallory (dau of Sir William Mallory)
((a)) Roger Corbet of Moreton Corbet (d 1467/8)
m. Elizabeth Hopton (dau of Sir Thomas Hopton)
(((1))) Sir Richard Corbet of Moreton Corbet (b 1451, d 1493)
m. Elizabeth Devereux (dau of Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley)
(((A))) Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet, Sheriff of Salop (d 1514)
m. Elizabeth Vernon (d 1563, dau of Sir Henry Vernon of Haddon)
(((B))) George Corbet (dsp)
(((C))) Maria Corbet
m. Thomas Lacon of Willey
(((D))) Anna Corbet
m. Thomas Cornwall of Burford (b 1468, d 1538)
(((E))) Elizabeth Corbet
m. Thomas Trentham of Shrewsbury
(((F))) Katherine Corbet
m. Thomas Onslow of Rodington
(((G))) Margaret Corbet
m. Richard Clyve of Walford
(((2))) Robert Corbet (dsp)
(((3))) Anna Corbet
m. Thomas Sturry of Rossall
(((4))) Maria Corbet
m. Thomas Thornes of Shelvock
(((5))) Elizabeth Corbet
m. Richard Cholmondeley (Cholmeley) of Cheshire
(((A))) Matilda Cholmeley apparently of this generation
m. Sir Peter Newton (a 1503)
(((6))) Jane Corbet
m. Thomas Cresset of Upton
(((7))) John Corbet possibly of this generation
His son was said to be a grandson of Corbet of Moreton.
m. Margaret Dixon
((b)) Thomas Corbet (dsp)
((c)) Elizabeth or Julian Corbet
m1. John (not George) Sandford of Sandford
m2. Sir Hugh Peshall of Horseley
((d)) Dorothy or Alice Corbet
m. Philipp Kynaston of Walford
((e)) Mary Corbet
m. Robert Charlton of Apley
((ii)) Katherine Corbet probably of this generation
m. Robert de Onslowe (d 1442)
((iii))+ other issue - Johanna, Elianora
((B)) Thomas Corbet of Watlesburgh
((i)) Elizabeth Corbet
m. John de Ipstones
((a)) William de Ipstones of Ipstones
m. Matilda (Maud) Swynnerton

Christian Ipstones (b c1393)
(((2))) Alice Ipstones (b c1396)
m. Randle Brereton of Malpas
((C)) Sir Fulk Corbet of Wattlesborough
m. Elizabeth
((i)) Katherine Elizabeth Corbet (bpt 07.05.1375, d c1403)
m. John de la Pole of Mawddwy (d 03.11.1403)
((D)) John Corbet of Wylaston (Willaston)
The following is supported by Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Pigot of Willaston).
m. Johanna Pigot (dau/coheir of Peter Pigot of Willaston)
((i)) Thomas Corbet of Willaston
((a)) William Corbet
(((1))) Thomas Corbet
m. Margaret (dau of Owen ap Jvan ap Madoc)
Visitation (Shropshire, Corbet) shows Thomas's daughters as Katherina (m. Edward Hopton, had Henry father of John) and Johanna (m. Richard Blount, had William father of Peter). We follow Visitation (Shropshire, Pigot) which appears better supported by the sources used for the spouses' families.
(((A))) Katherine Corbet
m. John Blount
Shown by Visitation (Shropshire, Pigot) as parents of William father of Peter father of Thomas (a 1589). Reference to William is puzzling.
(((B))) Johanna Corbet
m. John Hopton
Shown by Visitation (Shropshire, Pigot) as parents of Henry father of Edward father of John father of William (a 1589).
((E)) Joan Corbet
m. (1341) Robert Harley or Harleigh
((F)) Elizabeth Corbet
m. (1341) Brian Harley or Harleigh
((G))+ other issue - Roger, Amice, Eleanor, Joan II, Isolda, Juliana, Edward, Margaret
(c) Johanna Corbet possibly of this generation
m. Owen de la Pole, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn
(d)+ other issue - Fulco, John (a 1335)
m2. Cecilia de Hedelegh (dau of Alan de Hedelegh or Hadley)
(1) Roger Corbet of Hedeley
(A) Robert Corbet of Hedeley
(B) Roger Corbet (a 1284)
(i) Thomas Corbet (dsp)
ii. Sir Robert Corbet of Caus Castle (a 1176)
Some web sites show the following Robert as son of Simon, son of Simon, son of Roger. We follow the Visitation and BE1883. TCP does not provide information before Thomas, father of the 1st Lord.
a. Robert Corbet of Caus Castle
m. Emma Pantulf or Pantolph name found in various web sites
(1) Thomas Corbet of Caus, Sheriff of Shropshire (a 1249, d 1273)
m. Isabel (dau of Roger de Vautort or Valletort of Harberton)
(A) Peter Corbet, 1st Lord (d before 13.08.1300)
m1. (by 1252-3) Joan de Mortimer (dau of John de Mortimer of Wigmore)
(i) Thomas Corbet (dvpsp before 1295)
m. Joan Plugenet (dau of Alan de Plugenet)
(ii) Peter Corbet, 2nd Lord (dsp before 29.01.1321/2)
m. (before 17.08.1302) Beatrice de Beauchamp (dau of John de Beauchamp of Hatch)
m2. Alice (a 05.1315, reputedly dau of Fulk d'Orreby) connection apparently supported by BE1883 (Orreby)
(iii) John Corbet, 3rd Lord (b 25.03.1298, dsp before 1347)
m. Beatrix (a 1347) mentioned by the Visitation but not by TCP
A web site linked to Rootsweb shows Lord John as father of John Corbet of Leighton and provides the following connection. TCP and BE1883 make it clear that Lord John had no legitimate heirs so the following John, if he existed, must have been illegitimate. This connection is viewed as not fully reliable.
(a) John Corbet of Leighton (d before 1383)
m. Joan
((1)) John Corbet of Leighton
m. Joan
((A)) Richard Corbet of Leighton
((B)) Alice Corbet (b 1389, d 08.09.1458)
m1. William Brereton, younger of Brereton
m2. John SHirley
((2))+ other issue - Richard (b 1357, d after 1408), Robert
Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is unknown, was ...
(iv) Sibill Corbet
m. (1297-8) Sir Walter de Baskerville of Combe (d c1309)
(B) Alice Corbet
m. Robert de Stafford (d 1282)
(C) Emma Corbet
m. Sir Bryan de Brampton
b. William Corbet of Acley
c. son ancestor of Corbet of Hope
d. Roger Corbet of Leigh
B. Edward Corbet
3. Robert FitzCorbet of Alcester
A. Robert Corbet of Alcester (dsp)
B. Sybil Corbet
p. Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England (b 1068, d 01.12.1135)
m. Herbert FitzHerbert of Winchester, Lord Chamberlain (temp King Stephen 1135-1154)
C. Alice (or Lucy) Corbet
m. William de Botreaux (Boterel)
4. Reginald FitzCorbet (a 1096) ancestor of Corbets of Artois and Flanders

Main sources: Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Corbet), BEB1841 (Corbet of Stoke), BP1934 (Corbet), TCP (Corbet), BE1883 (Corbet) with support and some dates provided by various web sites, in particular

2/18/2010 at 3:49 PM

With my right margin cut off this is a bit hard to read but I don't think it tallies completely with The Medlands version. What do you think Arthur? I'm looking specifically at the two brothers Robert and Roger (sons of Hugh or Unknown Norman?).

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2/19/2010 at 11:52 AM

Have you asked Geni about your right margin problem? Mine is fine.

Basically, Stirnet names Hugh as the father. Hugh's children were:
1. Hugh le Corbeau or Corbet (in Normandy)
2. Roger FitzCorbet (a 1121)
3. Robert FitzCorbet of Alcester
4. Reginald FitzCorbet (a 1096)

I'll try to work out a way of e-mailing you the details.

2/20/2010 at 7:44 AM

Arthur Jackson@Arthur I have indeed mentioned my problems to Geni. Also recieved your e-mail, thanks.

Some people seem to have gone even further and connected Hugh (1020)to mother Giovanni Carnaghi (I always thought Giovanni was a male name not female).

I'm prepared to accept Stirnets version linking Hugh as the father of Roger and Robert as stated above for now anyway. Thanks

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2/21/2010 at 5:34 AM

Hi Terry,

I was just reading through the forum and would guess that your are using Internet Explorer (see the post by unnjoh near the end of the topic).

I have to say I am a big fan of Firefox, so perhaps you could try it, although I am sure Geni will resolve the problems with IE in due course.

Sorry to go off topic. I wonder what the Corbet brothers would make of this discussion?


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