James Jarrett Brickey/Synthia Jeffrey

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3/2/2010 at 5:49 PM

Has someone FINALLY PROVED that this is a child of Jarrett Brickey and Mary Slinker?

Timeline for JARRETT Brickey (not JAMES)
1818 -1822 Court Records, Lawrence County
1823 Charter members of the Presbyterian Church, Sharp County, Ar.
1829-1834, Tax List Lawrence Co., AR.
1837-1839 Tax List, Van Buren Co., AR.
In 1850, Independence Twp., Van Buren Co., ARkansas
1861 Admin. of Gabriel Eades estate.
Died about 1863

Anyone who reads the census records should find that this Jarrett is not JAMES Brickey at all all the census records are "Jarrett"

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4/3/2010 at 2:36 PM

did i not correct this area of the tree yet? i was just going by the family tree that i had printed out from the taney site. did i put something in wrong? this might be an area of the tree i was asking about and have since been sidetracked. you should be able to correct it if its wrong. let me know if you have troubles and can you send me the profile link to the page. let me see what i can do to help fix it.

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