Memories of Ettie Chin

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3/6/2010 at 10:47 AM

With Geni and Ron's diligent work on it, I had always wanted to share my memories of the Worcester, MA Chin cousins. They were so much a part of my growing up years at 37. I started to write of such in the "comment" section of this profile, when I ran out of space, and will probably have to start all over here.*Ineverknew exactly how we were related, but, they were always there through the years to share in our lives, joyous and otherwise. Ettie had an aura of being Amercan born,and actually "going back to China to serve". We got to know Luther, Stanley and Amy, and heard of the mystical brother, Rocky, in Berea, KY- with a child having the elegant name of Gracia. We were so lucky to know Philip, and Raymond, and Irving, Eugene, and Ruby. *I am overwhelmed by the biography of Ettie (just discovered, and to be reread). *Discussion, anyone?

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3/6/2010 at 8:26 PM

On further search, I found Wesley. He was also there in our gatherings, and 'twas a senior moment I had. How fortunate we were, and are, to have all of them. A quick remembrance: Ettie and Amy so warm and interested in my progress as a newlywed back in the fifties.... Jinny

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