Odhner's relationship with John Ericsson

Started by Simo Antero Roman on Sunday, March 7, 2010


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3/7/2010 at 1:12 PM

Here is a comment of Timo Leipälä in his presentation about W. T. Odhner:

"It has been claimed by Odhner company that the inventor John Ericsson, who received fame in US civil war, was a relative of Odhner’s. The brother of Odhner’s grandfather Pehr Odhner was married with the sister of Ericsson, which means that strictly speaking Ericsson is not a relative of Odhner’s. On the other hand the mother of the industrialist Sven Wingqvist (1876-1953) who invented spherical ball bearing in 1906 and founded the famous SKF ball bearing factory at Göteborg in 1907, was Pehr Odhner’s granddaughter and thus Odhner’s cousin. Another grandchild of Pehr Odhner and half-cousin of W. T. Odhner was captain Ernst Wallgren (1864-1950) who had several patents, the most important of them a distance measuring instrument for artillery."


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