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Started by Private User on Monday, March 8, 2010


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3/8/2010 at 11:38 AM

Hi everyone,

To make it easier to understand the tree, I suggest, we keep the family names as is.

In other words, Sons of the Karippaparambil family and their children should have 'Karippaparambil' as their family name and wives should keep their maiden family name.
Similarly, daughters of Karippaparambil should keep 'Karippaparambil' as family name and their husbands and children should keep the (husband's) family name.

Because thats the whole idea of a family tree.

Now there are both spouses having 'Karippaparambil' in their family name and its difficult to know who is the actual child the husband or wife?
Dominic Karippaparambil & Sumi Karippaparambil will make sense to only close relatives, but to other distant relatives how will they know who is who?
So Its better to say Dominic karippaparambil & Sumi Thakadippuram.

Also most of the other families have their own trees, and by keeping the maiden family names these trees can link in as well.
Please, tree managers, if you can correct these. All whose mothers & fathers are from other families, please put their original family names.
Children will always have the father's family name in their full name. (Unless the father is adopted into the wife's family to carry the name)

Thanks & Regards to all

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3/8/2010 at 12:31 PM

I suggest we do this:

If there is a proper family name: Use the family name.

If there is no family name: Use the surname (That is ideally Father's name or if really required, husband's name"

As long as the word 'Karippaparambil' does not appear in that person's name, we can be sure that they came from a different family and its the other spouse who is a Karippa. :)

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