Kaithavana Family history

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Saint Thomas, upon his arrival in Kerala in or around 52 AD, had baptized 4 Hindu high class families, such as Sankara Puri, Pakalomattom, Kaali and Kaliankal. The branches of Sankara Puri include; Kalloopara Adangapurathu, Ramapuram Cholappally, Kuravilangad Thekke Madham, Kuravilangad Patter Madham, Puthencavu Thekkedam, Thumpamon Kaithavana, Panthalam Sankarathil, Eraviperoor Sankara Mangalam, Kattapadi Chungathil, Mallapallil Vattasseril, Pala Pallathu, Mavelikkara Palathum Pottu, and a few more.
So as per my knowledge we belong to Sankarapuri family.

One of the 4 Brahmin families who had accepted Christian faith from St. Thomas Apostle was Sankarapuri . Mahadevarpattanam was a town east of Kodungallore where St. Thomas landed in India . Mahadevarpattanam was divided into 4 regions , of which Manigramam was inhabited by Sankarapuri family. The first person of Sankarapuri family who received baptism from the saint was renamed Thomman . In AD 835 , when the town was attacked , Sankarapuri family with other christian families migrated to Angamally. Opposition of Samoodiri in 13 th Century made them to settle in Kuravilangad . Threat of Muslims compelled their then family patriarch Ettymatthen Tharakan to seek the help of Nilackal King at Chayal.
Owing to attack of the robber gangster Vakrapuli and some deadly epidermics , the King and his men migrated to Pandalam . The King built a palace , south of Achankovil river. The King gave the land , from the palace to the east until Thazhoorkadavu , under the control of Etty Mathen Tharakan . Perhaps due to the presence of a small church at Thumpamun , Etty Mathen Tharakan and family moved to Thumpamun , 4 km east of Pandalam . There were only a few nasrani families in Thumpamun at that time. Kaithavana family flourished and prospered over the centuries .

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Hi....how can we make this website more useable by all of our family members....I am Ajith Thomas Kannanpara, grand son of Sri T V Thomas Kannanpara , Kannanpara House.

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