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3/8/2010 at 11:19 PM

I've found some Polish census records online at - I'm wondering if Samuel & Rachel Kupietz might not turn up as Szmul (or Shmuel?) Kupiecki and Rochla Kupiecka. Chaim & Gittle Kupietzky appear to be on there, as Chaim Wulf Kupiecki and Kejla Gitla Kupiecka.

Haven't yet found the name Teft on it at all.

3/9/2010 at 7:10 AM

Hi Michael - The Tefts were from England & we still have many relatives there. The last contact I had with them was 43 years ago. Sad isn't it. Hope all is well with you. Paula

3/9/2010 at 7:11 AM

By the way - great research!!!!

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3/9/2010 at 10:07 PM

Wow, this is totally new information to me. Wait a minute, do we have some English blood, then?

Forgive me for peppering you with questions, but were the Tefts Jewish by descent, conversion, or not at all? Bill's site lists Rachel Kupietz as having been born in 1877 in Lomza, do you know when the family emigrated to Poland? Could the name have had two Fs, 'Tefft', at some point?

Any detailed information at all you can give me on the English Tefts would be much appreciated... individual names, relationships, dates, locations, etc. I'd be especially interested in anything that could lead me to a contact... I wonder if someone on that side has done any genealogy work. You have to understand, I grew up feeling like we came from nowhere... I hardly met anyone on the Kupietz/Kupietzky side of the family, I knew almost nothing about my grandfather and very little about my grandmother, not even birthdates or siblings. So the prospect of our family tree becoming as big and well-documented as it already has is very exciting to me, and if to be able to document a whole new branch that I never even suspected existed from a culture I thought we had nothing at all to do with, would be totally astounding.

Thanks for the compliment - when I get interested in something, I tend to pursue it with near-obsessive attention. What I particularly like is that the Polish census included father's names... if I can local Samuel & Rachel Kupietz on there, who knows how far back the paperwork trail goes from them.

While I've got you, I already asked Bill this, but, do you know if there was a blood relation between Chaim Kupietzky and Samuel Kupietz? It seems likely, as my mom says there were a couple of instances in the family of cousins marrying, but our Geni tree shows them as in-law relations only. (Hence I, on Samuel's side, can't put a live link to his profile from his name in this post.)

Also, I'm finding next to nothing on Miriam Kupietz, my paternal grandmother. Neither of my folks can remember much, apparently she wasn't very close with her own family. Just a stab in the dark, but if you happen to know anything at all about her or her family that isn't on the tree already, that would be a help.

Oh, and, things are going pretty well with me, thanks for asking... work's a little thin due to the economy but there's lights on the horizon. Everything else is well.

Thanks a heap,

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3/9/2010 at 10:16 PM

Here's another interesting tidbit: In Bialystock, about 90km (60 miles) from Lomza, there's a Kupiecka Street:

3/14/2010 at 4:37 PM

Sorry, I didn't get back to you on some info; I've been in the hospital for the past 4 days. I'll catch up with you on this in a few days. I find this all very fascinating

3/15/2010 at 2:41 PM

Chaim Kupietsky ( my great grandfather) & Samuel Kupietz were brothers. Chaim Kupietsky never immigrated to this country. The difference in last names I'm told is because when they came to this country someone screwed up on the paperwork with understanding the names. Don't know if that is true but it was a common thing to happen. I'm trying to find out the other siblings of Samuel Kupietz. As for your grandmother, Miriam, I can still picture her face - I know nothing about her family line.but will ask Gloria Levitus. I am wondering why you are not seeing some of the family tree relationships since you were merged with our tree. As for Rachel Kupietz, Allen Kaplan would know more. As for cousins marrying cousins; it is a bit difficult to make sense of it on the tree. Now, where to start.....since my sister is also my cousin I'll start there. My parents ( Herman Kaplan married Jeanette Kupietz ) were 2nd cousins. I only had one big happy family. Milton Kaplan married Selma Baron & they were 2nd cousins. Sol Baron married Fannie Kupietz and they were 1st cousins. Did I overload your brain...mine is still spinning. I'll try to find more info

8/26/2011 at 3:11 AM

I am Allison Kupietzky
I have also done some work on the family tree
I would love to hear more about your work
Would you please contact me on my personal email at

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