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3/14/2010 at 8:30 PM

Mir Family:

- Need Nawab Begum Mir other brothers.
- Need Sayed Afzal spouse and kids.
- Need Sayed Fazluddin spouse
- Need name of Mother of Khalid Baig Sayed
- Need email addresses of Khalid Baig
- Need name of @Ulfat Begum Sayed's parents
- Need to know if the name of Mir Maqbool Ali father was Mir Banday Ali or Mir Imdad Ali
- Need to know the other siblings of Mir Imdad Ali and Safiunnissa Inamdar

Baig Family

- Need offspring and wives of Muhammad Aslum Private User and Muhammad Arshad
- Need parents of Zakia Begum Baig

Khan Family

- Need Ghosia Begum Khan and Ishtiyaq Khan spouse and offspring
- Need Gauhar Ali Khan 's spouse and offspring
- Need spouse and offspring of Rasheeda Begum Baig <private> Khan <private> Khan Ameer Begum Khan <private> Khan

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