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Maybe I have found Sallie Hatfield's parents. Her death certificate (copy provided) lists her father as Westerfield Allen and her mother as Jane McNeely. I found marriage records for George W Allen and Cornelia J McNeely 10-27-1855 Book C page 135. Also George W Allen and Malinda Parsons 12-8-1868. Both in Ohio County, Ky.

In birth records I found Margaret E Allen born December 13,1858.
f. GW Allen
m. CJ McNeely
doesn't seem like she lived long maybe. Possibly mother died in childbirth but have not found record of it. But expalins father's remarriage in 1868.

Interesting other marriages in Ohio County
William Allen to Ann Huston 2-3-1813
Bond William Allen and Nathaniel Hamilton
Consent William Huston for dau. Ann 2-6-1813
Witness Nathaniel Hamilton and Benjamin Huston
( Sallie Allen was living with Wm H Huston and Mary J in 1860 when she was 4 years old.)
Benjamin Allen to Mary Ann King 12-24-1846

Ohio County Deeds page 254
4 January 1808 Robert and Patsy Goode of Warren Co. to William Allen of Warren Co. for sum of $1000 convey 302 acres in Ohio County on Green River. Recorded Ohio County 14 April 1808.

I found this in less than half an hour...... maybe there is more to find when I have time! If you know more or different, let's discuss it!!!!!!!

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