Eliyahu nessim

Started by Eran Azrieli on Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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was one of the Rabbis and wiseman of Saloniki, and came to Israel on 1832.
was a memebr of the Beit Din DeSefaradim, and signed on the openning papers of "Lemel" school in Jerusalem on 1856. also signed on the openning page of "Divrey Shalom" book.
Between the years 1856-59 was "Shaliach DeRabanan" of the Sefaradic Kolel to the magreb, and later on of the Hebron Kolel on 1863.
Died on 1869 and burried at Mt of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel. (grave picture is the profile picture,by eran azrieli).

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