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40. Sarah BUZBY -C+ was born in 1717. She was baptised in 1717 in Trinity Episcopal Church, Oxford Twp., Pa.. She signed a will on December 31, 1773 in Proved August 10, 1774, Oxford, Phila. Co., Pa.. She died in 1774 in Philadephia Co., Pa..

She was married to Robert HARPER I-i+ (son of Joseph HARPER -i ) on November 23, 1733 in Home of Charles Read, His Majesty's Justice of Peace. Robert was not a Quaker, thus they were married by a Justice of the Peace. Robert HARPER I-i+ was born in 1717 in Belfast, Ireland. He emigrated in 1727 from Belfast, Ireland. Robert Harper, being forced by persecution to flee from his home in Ireland , secured passage to Philadelphia by becoming an indentured servant to John Buzby, a wealthy Quaker of Oxford Township. He died in 1765 in Philadelphia County, Pa.. He died possessed of a considerable fortune He was living in Oxford Twp.. He was an Iron Worker in Frankford, Montgomery County, Pa.. He was Scotch-Irish. Sarah BUZBY -C+ and Robert HARPER I-i+ had the following children:

+99 i. Elizabeth HARPER -C (born in 1734).
+100 ii. Samuel HARPER -C (born in 1736).
+101 iii. Sarah HARPER -C (born in 1738).
+102 iv. Rebeckah HARPER -C (born in 1740).
+103 v. Agnes HARPER -C (born in 1743).
+104 vi. Mary HARPER -C (born in 1744).
+105 vii. Ruth HARPER -C (born in 1746).
+106 viii. William HARPER -C (born in 1750).
+107 ix. Nathan HARPER -C (born in 1751).
+108 x. Robert HARPER II-C (born in 1751).
+109 xi. John HARPER -C.
+110 xii. Benjamin* HARPER I-C (born in 1756).

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