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Thomas [4-11] (1723/4-1790) married Martha Knowles in 1748 at Abington Monthly Meeting. He was a miller and expanded the family property along the Wissahicken and Cresheim Creeks; later his children expanded this to 911 Allens Lane to a house called Fairview. He and Martha had at least ten children. Sons John [5-44] (1753-1826) and Joseph [5-50] (1764-1841) were in business together, including the mill and real estate investments. Their investments included property in Westmoreland County. John married Abigail Ridgway (1763-1854), a Quaker minister, and they had two sons, John [6-106] and Thomas [6-107] (See Series 2). Abigail was a charter member of Frankford Monthly Meeting, but was disowned for joining the Hicksites in 1831. She became a member on request at Frankford Monthly Meeting in 1844. Joseph did not marry, and his nephew, Thomas [6-107], inherited the family mill. Thomas married Ann Louise Phillips out of unity, but acknowledged and remained a member of Green Street Monthly Meeting.
This series includes the papers of Livezey family members in the fourth and fifth generations, as described by Smith. Prominant among these are Thomas [4-11] and Martha Livezey as well as their sons, John [5-44] and Joseph [5-50], as well as John's wife, Abigail Ridgway Livezey.

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