Judith Elaine Burns (McKee) merges, please read

Started by Private User on Tuesday, March 23, 2010
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3/23/2010 at 12:28 AM

please help her get the "jeb" stacks merged up, and please don't re-stack to merge

Apply patience on this issue, as she is working very hard on this, and please only merge her "jeb" merges or post here first for Noah and the merging group to help merge, and as she adds the profiles marked "jeb" to a stack without one, that indicates they are okay to merge yourself or about to be re-stacked and merged by Judith and Noah and then the merging can begin again on those...
thank you for your consideration

Continue to stack/merge non- Judith profiles into the ones in stacks containing a Judith profile but please refrain from "clicking the triangles/view tree in your merge issues" on profiles Judith has a match in and compounding her problem. She will go through those as soon as she has cleaned this up. Please do have patience with the delay merging the stacks posted here with only the JEB's until she has gone through those and added a profile to them marked "jeb", and if not marked with either, please don't re-stack them to merge them please....

from Judith.....
I am trying to back out of the Hinckley -Smith Merge - and correct errors merging has caused in my family tree profile. In order to beat the vicious cycle if I can and avoid re-merging certain profiles, I have marked the ones that are either co-managed or managed by me with others as "jeb"; further details such as w/o, h/o, s/o etc., is done in hopes that the errors found will not be processed again (such as merging all the 'Mary Smith's and john Smith's together - or children who died as an infant or in childhood).

h/o = husband ofwife/of
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
w/o = wife of
wd/o = widow of

these abbreviations were and still used in a lot of genealogy, as shorthand for queries and other posts. To this day, you even still see them in manuscripts and books often too.

3/23/2010 at 6:41 AM

Ok thnxs. Any thing I can do to help please let me know.

Judith, perhaps you can get someone to BREAK the connections around those specific profiles? Just post specific requests here:


this has long been solved - many many thanks to Denise u. and Gene back then not sure if this can be removed or deleted as no longer is needed

their help and understanding back then was was greatly appreciated they were mainly the reason i have stayed on GENI - I owe so much to their confidence in me and their support and help they were my first very very "postive experience" and probably if it had not been for them i would of followed that GENI's reps advice of "dumping' tree - and re-starting another under a new and different address - and if i dumped the tree i really do doubt if I would of come back to GENI because of that advice in lieu of HELP to straighten out wrogn merges of 2 of my branches of the "BIG TREE" of the Smith Hinckley line -

I ahve said it before but it always bears repeating - THANK YOU Denise & Gene - your both are why i have stayed!!!!

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