Paul Beaulieu Or Paul Thivierge dit Beaulieu

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3/25/2010 at 12:27 PM

Joseph-Paul Beaulieu, if you prefer.

He is the son of Angus.Beaulieu
Angus is the son of
Michel Hippolyte Thivierge (AKA) Paul Beaulieu
Josephine (Marie) Babineau
This Paul, who you call Joseph-Paul married Wagner, and Priscilla was his adopted daughter.

Michel Hippolyte Thivierge dit Beauleiu, had a son by the name of Paul. His name is also Paul Beaulieu. Whether or not these men used Joseph as their first name is questionable. I know it was a French custom, but my father (George)did not use Joseph, and I doubt if all of the rest of tthe family used it. Of course, some may have, and I could be proven wrong about the addition of Joseph for the other male children. As with anything in genealogy, there are always surprises!

The original name of my grandfather was Michel Hippolyte Thivierge, and (sometimes mispelled Tivierge, or Tiverge). Michel Hippolyte added Beaulieu after he entered the States, and subsequently dropped the Thivierge, even though some or even all of his children had Thivierge on their birth certificates. Perhaps he felt it was more "legal" this way!! However, after he began using Beaulieu, he was married in Canada under the name of Thivierge!
So it's Michel Hippolyte Thivierge,
The Michel was dropped.
It was Hippolyte Thivierge,
Hippolyte Thivierge dit Beaulieu
Paul Thivierge dit Beaulieu and finally
Paul Beaulieu, which was easier for all.
If this is confusing, let me know. I hope I did not make any errors here!
My best wishes to you all. Arline Beaulieu PS. Josephine may have had Marie as a first name or it could have been her middle name. Not exactly sure at the moment.

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