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3/28/2010 at 9:00 AM

Well my family I did say that I would keep you informed of the events that happen in my pull your chairs and sit because you might need it after you hear of the eventful time I had in hospital!! Laugh.

I will start from the drive to hospital which started at 7:00am. The traffic was so bad that I arrived at the hospital at 8:30 when I should be there at 7:30....I called ahead to alert the team that I was stuck but would be there "a bit late". lol. I don't know why I bothered as when I got there I had to wait anyway...sigh. I was eventually assigned a bed and all documents signed and I was dressed in one of these gowns that show your ass every time you moved. lol. Well...there I was in my nice clean bed reading my book so that I would not have to listen to the man next to me calling all his friends and business partners and chat s*&$t on top of his voice! Man....if I did not know that they would lock me up, I would stick that phone in a place that the sun doesn't shine! I know what I will do...I get away from the ass on his mobile, I will go to the bathroom and try to make sure that everything is empty (as I was just getting over one of these bugs that is going around) so that I would not get a surprise half way into my op!! lol. So off I trotted to find the bathroom. People.....when I got back to my bed I got the shock of my bed disappeared.....picture this.....there I was in the middle of the ward, dressed in this revealing gown, looking for my BED! All of a sudden I heard a voice behind me saying "Oh there she is!". The fools only took my bed to the operating room without me! There we were (the nurse and I) without my slippers, with my gown flying behind, running towards the operating room. Well.....I was never so breathless in my life!!! I burst through the doors, with the doctors and nurses looking towards me...while I caught my breath and declared "Oh God they took my bed and left me behind!". They all burst out laughing. It could only happen to me!

Well I had my op and everything went well. The doctors even reconstructed my artery in my hand for me as I was so good! Little did they know I was paralysed by fright...but the family know me I will not let on!! LOL. Usually they just tie off the offending artery or vein. The op manager had to come in and inform them that they had overrun their time. I was so good that I was awarded a ride on my bed that they snatched ! lol.Others had to walk "all by themselves" (as my little grandson Henry would say). Well .....there I was back on the ward again reading my book awaiting the nurse to check my condition, when I felt as if I was being watched. Me being me....who think very highly of myself (too much at times) ....looked over my glasses and saw this old raggedy man looking at me....I looked back at him and in my mind I thought "go away" or words to that effect.....went back to me book and all of a sudden I felt this presence and looked up to see the same old man standing in front of me with the expression of "I know you" look on his face. I thought if you think that you are going to stand there and have a conversation with me , you can think again...I do not want anyone to think that I know you!! Well being me ....the look I fired back at him was enough to send him on his way. Thank God for that!!

I am now in the waiting room, as I have been discharged, awaiting the arrival of David, when a nurse passed us on her way to the bathroom....a few minutes she alighted from the bathroom with her blouse up and she stood in front of all of us and did she put down a piece of scratching! You know the type of scratching you would do when you get in and take off your bra? The woman stood there for a few seconds, in full view and scratched for dear life! At this stage I got up and waited for David in the outside waiting room....the excitement in this lace was just too much for me!!! LOL.

I am now at home and feeling very well.....I just thought I would share my exciting day at the hospital with you guys. As I said IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN TO ME!!!!

What could only happen to you??????

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