Should Terrorism be handled with an iron hand or through soft words?

Started by Private User on Friday, April 2, 2010


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4/2/2010 at 2:37 AM

Terrorism, the biggest Problem, India is facing in this century. It should be stopped. The only question is that ‘How’?

One is the soft way, a way of talk, love and peace; on other hand we can have bloodshed.

The dilemma is that for past 20 – 25 years we were following the first way that of Love and Peace. What is the outcome? Again, to whom should we speak?

It may lead to compromise. What is this compromise? That we have to accept some or other conditions that they are asking for.

If we are using the weapons, will that stop the Terrorism forever? What may be the root cause of Terrorism?

It is the insecurity feeling of the normal people like us.

The Heads of all these terrorist groups or all the black hands & crocked heads working behind the screen wants this diffidence to be increased. Or at any cost they want to create a rivalry in the people against their mother country.

The usage of weapons may increase these two factors and this may cause in more and more people coming in the way of terrorism.

What should we do?

Look at Israel, Hamas was a big problem there. Now where is Hamas?

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