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Collineau de Monteguerre -vs- Unknown

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I noticed that in oldest parts of French-Canadian trees, there are some "women" named "Inconnue Collineau de Monteguerre." Is this some kind of "code word" for "I don't know who this person is." Because, although Collineau de Monteguerre seems like a cool last name, it's been used NUMEROUS times as an "Unknown" person's name. If you do a search on Collineau, you'll see this same name in various trees married to various different men. Is it better just to say, "Unknown" or leave it blank than confuse future researchers who will merge every single "Collineau de Monteguerre?"

If you have no idea what I am talking about, this is a list of some of the COLLINEAU de MONTEGUERRE people that are "connected to me" yet are NOT the same person:
Marie Francoise Desportes
Unknown / Inconnue De Montaguen
Mrs. Larose


@Mimi - that is correct - it simply means unknown - a French word often used in Genealogy research. This can be used for both men and women or simply an unknown person (gender may not be determined)

I have seen it spelled various ways, but I believe the correct French spelling is Inconnu.

Hope you are getting your privacy back in order? I am being asked to renew my "PRO" account shortly, but am debating this based on what just happened to you. I like Geni and want to support it, but am concerned about many aspects of this site. What is your thought on renewal? Anyone else want to persuade me one way or the other, I would like you input.

2010年4月5日下午 1:03

"inconnue" is the correct feminine form of the adjective.

I am very interested in the privacy issue you have been discussing.

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2010年4月5日下午 1:42

So Inconnu or Unknown is the more correct term? What's this Collineau de Monteguerre mean? Is that a Genealogy term or an area in France or something?

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2010年4月5日下午 1:54

Joel Scott Cognevich, I still want to keep my pro account, but I've just gone in and changed my kids to all have "Living Private" as their first and last name, as I have with mine. The reason I keep my pro account is so I CAN do the searches which non-pro don't have access to. Other than that I take what I need and add it to my other family tree as I build a clean Gedcom. I did NOT start this tree with a Gedcom. My aunt did and she abandoned the tree. I took over where she left off. So, I'm personally building a Gedcom and not taking Geni so seriously anymore since the merge problems.

Back in the beginning I only asked 2 people to merge with me, then it turned into HAVING TO merge with other people because I wasn't the only one who asked to merge, and then suddenly I'm part of the Big Tree. LOL I was, now it doesn't show that I'm the descendant of as many people I was descended from a couple months ago. It's ok, that means the tree is actually getting clean...

I don't know what advice to give you. I didn't pay for the year-long account. I pay mine monthly.

2010年4月5日下午 2:07

I am not certain, but I would bet that it is an incorrect form of the adjectives inconnu and/or inconnue. As mentioned, I have seen it spelled various ways, and often copied by many while not really knowing that it is not an actual name. I will yield to others who also have this profile to make a decision.

...and thank you for your opinion on the "pro" account. Perhaps I should consider the monthly as well.......

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2010年4月5日下午 2:18

Joel, I'm not sure if they offer it from the website when it's time to renew. But you can certainly ask the help desk. That's what I did. $90 at one time is too large of a chunk to take from me, but I can do the nearly $5 a month so they worked that out with me.

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2010年4月5日下午 2:45


Inconnu & inconnue means "unknown male" and "unknown female".
Collineau de Montaguerre is a surname. It is spelled wrong.

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2010年4月5日下午 3:23

i am sorry..... i use geni as a note pad.. writing information anywhere i can. if there is no proper slot or place for a note on the first entry dialog box i just write it in the cause of a note of how many children they have had....sometimes even their first names. ......why you ask? because i can , because the dialog box does not have enough specific places to make notes, because i am too busy to go to the proper place for notes. i am guilty... i use unk all the time.
collineau de montaguerre looks like a surname so i am sure people assume as much.
if geni does not want us to take these shortcuts & abbreviations, and such they need to publish hard and fast rules. to do that they need to listen to what we need and desire and make the appropriate changes. i do not mind the rules if we have a flexible all encompassing program.

note to living private.... if you are on geni you are not living private. geni is about family as virginia diane mclure so well said.

and j.scott.... don't give up. we are not a family of quitters. this geni program & its members are going through lots of growing pains. i learn something new almost on a daily basis. hang in there and try to help when you can. we can do it. takes time and patience. do not get me is frustrating at times.

2010年4月5日下午 3:32

Jon Brees - thanks for the incouragement!

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2010年4月5日下午 3:59

nobody said genealogy is easy......hang in there and keep on keepin' on.
this is WORK.

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2010年12月7日下午 2:34

Soooo...I got word that there were about 15 "Collineau de Montaguerre" that were merged together from DIFFERENT branches.

They will be changed to UNKNOWN profiles because that's basically what these Collineau de Montaguerre profiles are. Please do NOT merge them together...they are NOT the same women. They are all UNKNOWN wives.


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