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Started by Sandra Valerie Keefe nee McNamee on Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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4/13/2010 at 3:52 AM you all can see, I have nothing to do so I am on line again! Laugh. Still resting the hand after that op., so have lots of time to catch up on my reading. Just read an article by Josephine Fairley about how twitter and facebook have made a great difference in her life. All her protesting, that she had enough trouble maintaining all the things she had to remember in her daily routine, without having to check her iPod etc. every ten minutes, I did the same. I was introduced to facebook by my son Chris, to see photos etc of my two older grandsons, he said....this was only shortly after Lizzie introduced me to the benefit of emailing. At first I had my reservations and have crashed my computer, too many times to remember.....called Lizzie so many times asking the same questions over and over, but once I understood how to use and access things on line, I have not look back! Social network has enabled me to keep daily contact with Nadine and her family. As we talk on the web cam when we have time, I no longer have this deep yearning to be with them. To my great surprise I have found that 21st century means of communication has actually deepen friendship with my family that I had lost contact with many years ago. I have also found family that I did not know I had, but most of all it has brought my children within reach...let me know what my other nearest and dearest are up to! In other words, family life is sweet...thank you Josephine, I agree with you. What has social network done for all you who are in my age group?

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