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Started by Esther Herkowitz on Thursday, April 15, 2010


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4/15/2010 at 4:43 AM

Dad was the guy who made sure all the kids on the block had money when the ice cream truck made it's daily rounds in the summer. He instituted and maintained the annual canoe trip to Belle is Mich for the neighborhood boys. As penance for this female exclusion he took me to the zoo at least once a summer. This was not easy for him because I preferred to walk about the large expanse that is the Detroit Zoological Park rather then taking the train or the trolley. Fred suffered painful feet, something I inherited and understand on a personal level today. Regardless, he went from bench to bench, smoking Pall Mall cigarettes and feeding peanuts from his hand to the peacocks that roam freely throughout the park. This amazed me and I thought him quite the animal tamer. He is remembered by neighbors for trips for hot fudge sundaes and hot dogs but mostly for his generosity and good will.

Annually on the 4th of July, USA Independence Day, Dad would bring out the fire works that he had stock piled from trips to Ohio where they were sold legally. The men on the block would help set up the illegal rockets and the women would all get out the garden hoses to have them at the ready in case some flaming piece of firework would hit a roof or bush or some flammable. This popular event took place at dusk, before the City approved display was set off at the drive in movie that was nearly in our backyards. The women kept the hoses ready for that too. One year the police arrived to shut down the Fred Herkowitz Ohio fireworks display. All the adults in the neighborhood surrounded the police car and after a few minutes, the car pulled away with the understanding that the People were going to prevail and the People wanted the Fred Herkowtiz display to go off as scheduled! It was a true victory for Democracy at work.

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