Lawrence N. Waldrop

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4/15/2010 at 2:44 PM

I found a Lawrence N. Waldrop in the 1930 US Census. His wife is listed as Malica, and his daughter as Malica B. I know that Lawrence's wife is Malissa and one of his daughter's is Malissa B (I am assuming that this is Aunt Belle). These folks lived in Lubbock Co at the time the 1930 Census was taken.

I believe that this is Great Grandpa Waldrop, wife and daughter. I further believe that the names of the females cited in the census document is misspelled. The ages of the people cited here are consistent with those of out family members.

The neighbor of the folks listed above are Jesse and Clarinda Gilbert. I believe Clarinda is one of Great Grandpa Waldrop's daughters.


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