Who Cares?

Started by Dr Amir Hamzah Bakri 211 on Friday, April 16, 2010


4/16/2010 at 1:22 AM

This is just an interesting observation.

The other evening, while waiting in-line at the elevated Bukit Bintang monorail station, I saw a young girl (in line with 1Malaysia Concept, I'll not state the ethnicity) in her early 20s standing in-line at the adjacent queue line.

What is so unusual about it? You might ask.

Yes, of course there is... (or may be, there are...). Shall I proceed in numerical order?

1. It happened during peak-hour rush. The station platform was bursting at the seams with commuters, local and international. Meaning: many people witnessed the incident.

2. It took place at Bukit Bintang, the tourist centre of cosmopolitan KL. Meaning: the place where foreign tourists congregate.

3. It involved a sweet young girl who looked conservative and dressed primly befitting of the occasion - shopping?. Meaning: the unlikely candidate to have done the job.

4. The item she was carrying pertains to privacy and intimacy - used behind closed door. Meaning: it should have been hidden under wrap.

And, this is the punchline... ta daaaa....

Yes... she was carrying (almost like lugging) a medium-sized transparent plastic package containing circa 12 toilet paper rolls. That's all.
(I assumed, it was a pre-packed package item and dispensed as it was without the supply of extra carry-bag).

Why has it become an issue at all?
Because everyone within sight of the young girl, would look at the dangling item she was carrying and then look at her face and back again at the item (I honestly couldn't fathom what were in their minds).

I truly admire the girl's determination in showing a bland, nothing-happen face despite stares by commuters around her.

If I were her, I wouldn't want to carry the item that way - visible (and caused to raise some eye-brows) to everyone. Maybe I would ask the shopkeeper to supply me an opaque bag which conceals the content.

I really salute the young girl who dared to do it (for a while I thought I was in Hong Kong). Later, she battled the crowd (I was among them) to get a space (for herself and the item she was carrying) in the train. Needless to say, the item attracted further attention (and brow-raising) in the train.

To sum it up; the girl has certainly embraced the attitude of: Who Cares?

(No malice intended. No name mentioned. This is just an observation in daily life within sociological context. It certainly is an evolutionary mental liberation in our society. 'Who Cares' attitude, like other human characteristics, might be good or otherwise depending from which divide you are looking at).

Annotated by : Amir Hamzah.
Dated : 16 - 04 - 2010.

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