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This is not the correct Bessie Walter. Her maiden name has Bessie Edith Sammons. Her Father was Benjamin Franklin Sammons....Mother Fanny Hamblin Sammons. One younger brother- Chester Sammons, about 5 1/2 brothers from her father's first marriage. Bessie was born in LaClede Mo. Her father was born in Greenbriar county, WVA. He was a member of the 2nd VA Cavalry during Civil War but since West VA was a union state, he was a Union soldier.

Her husband and father of Lucille was Elmer Simmons Walter from Kansas. She divorced him in about 1915 and later married William Childs. Lucile used the name "Childs" through High School to eliminate confusion but her legal name was always "Walter". Bessie was married one other time and then remarried her first husband and father of Lucile in the 1950's. Both Bessie and Elmer Walter are buried in the Greenview Cemetary in Florence, AL along wide Lucile and Bentley.

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