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Goodmorning my mouse,
Yaya fikaris is from Chios, Chios the capital of the Island of Chios.
She is not a twin sister of Aunt Julie. True, aunt Julie was a twin
but, her twin died at birth. Smyrni is not an island it is a large
city in Turkey, It is now called Izmir. During the genocide of Chios,
a lot of the islanders were sold into slavery 50,000 to be exact. That's
how a lot of them ended up in Smyrina or Izmir. The Smyrinis were one
of them. Yaya and aunt Julies maiden name was Chalioris. They were
three surviving sisters Yaya(Effie), Julie and Helen(she lived in
Salt lake city Utah and died there). Yayas father and his two brothers
were ship owners. lost their ships during the Russian revolution in
1917. I'll have to put all this family history down on tape soon as I
can get my hands on a tape recorder.

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