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The mother of Estrella, Rose, Angela, Cesar and Diego, Jr. is Liling Llander of Pasigay, Calbiga in Samar.The mother of Carmelita, Marietta, Eleanor, Delicia, Jose, Percival and Manuel is Concepcion Alvarado of Aparri, Cagayan which is in Northern Luzon.Liling Llander is the common law wife of Diego in the 1950's when
Diego and Concepcion had a legal separation.Concepcion eventually lived and died in the USA while Liling Llander died in a tragic sea accident in the mid 1980's(after 1983).Her remains were never found!!Diego Sr. died in 1983(Liling attended the funeral) and is interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in the PEFTOK area.
Also, you may include the following info:(The siblings of Don Manuel M. Calbes and Justa L.Baston: Bartolome, Juan, Hilarion, Pio, Diego and Jesusa Calbes Dincol.Note that M is for Macairan and L is for Llander. Justa is pure Spanish while Don Manuel is of Portuguese ancestry.The name Calbes was originally Salves spelled with a cedilla instead of an S.The cedilla through the years somehow disappeared and just became either Calbes or Galvez.The Calbes prevailed because of its uniqueness and to distinguish it from the Spanish Galvez!
I hope this helps!!

Percival Calbes

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