Children of Liling Llander

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Her children are Estrella, Diego Jr., Rose,Angela, Cesar. Liling Llander is the common-law wife of Diego B. Calbes.The illicit relationship which may also be considered as incestous since Liling by relationship and kinship is a grandniece of Diego Sr(on her mother side). This wrong RH factor mix-up results in physiological and psychological defects in the DNA of offsprings.The first born exhibited such defects!!Liling Llander died in a tragic sea mishap in the mid-80's.Her remains were never recovered.Diego, Jr. now resides in
Washington, USA.His brother and sisters are now on their own in the Philippines.Cesar is now a successful enterpreneur in Taguig City.Rose and Angela have their own families and are supporting Estrella who is mentally disabled!

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