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27.7.2010 в 6:36 после полудня

I think titles in front of first names and in the last name is really awful. It makes it harder to "match" with already merged trees. I have been working through the Plantagenet mess and have been moving the titles out of the first and last names like "Sir Knight John / 1st Earl of Such-N-Such / Plantagenet of Cornwall" It's really unnecessary. It should read John Plantagenet, Knight of Cornwall, 1st Earl of Such-N-Such.

I've been doing this as I work through the Plantagenet line, but I do notice that others also working in there keep adding in a display name, but it is confusing especially if there are 2 John Plantagenets of 2 different generations erroneously merged under the same father. I have to keep fixing it so I can merge the correct people and detach incorrect people...and match them to the correct parents later.

I find if I do it this way, then those that working through the Plantagenet tree and merging are actually merging the RIGHT people because I've taken the display names out and used the titles in the suffixes.

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27.7.2010 в 6:56 после полудня

Eldon Clark (C) another name peeve of mine is if someone lives in France why would their name be "English or Spanish" LOL For instance I've seen Pierre typed in as Peter as well as Marie-Catherine typed in as Maria Catalina.

A French mom would not have named her child that...

27.7.2010 в 7:22 после полудня

Mimi, You can chalk that up to a lack of knowledge.Same thing with Spanish names John for Juan etc. My issues could be solved by proper programing

Private User
27.7.2010 в 7:58 после полудня

I agree wholeheartedly, as long as you know that the info that you are changing is in more of a correction, rather that having someone on your tree coming back at you and threatening you wit a lawsuit (a cousin of mine was going to try that if I didn't take his families info off of my tree, which is absolutely absurd), because you have put the wrong info on or they are too important to take part in their family history.
If some has a problem, I have decided I will just not join them to my tree/delete them.
As for titles, I believe they should be left at the end of a name, such as Elizabeth II, Queen of England, or Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England. Why would people want to anglicize given names? That is the name that they were born with (for instance the Norwegian name Gudbrand is anglicized Gilbert). His name wasn't Gilbert in Norway, and he never came to the U.S. or Canada, so if they didn't come to North America and change their given name themselves, I wouldn't change their names just to make them more English.

Private User
27.7.2010 в 8:38 после полудня

roy i agree but have to disagree about removing them from the tree. if they belong on the tree they should be there. disagreeable or not. you don't choose your relatives.

Private User
28.7.2010 в 10:31 до полудня

I am sorry, but twice I have been threatened by a couple of relatives with a lawsuit if I did not take their information off of Geni. I agree that they should be on the tree, but wit people so worried these days about people stealing identities, personal info, etc, I am not going to put myself in the spot of having myself sued because some cousin, close or distant having an ego problem, and think that they are so important/narciscistic that they feel that their identity will be stolen, and come after me.

Private User
28.7.2010 в 10:42 до полудня


What you CAN do is use initials for your relatives' first and middle names. In private notes, you can mention they do not want to participate in the family tree project online. That is what I've done for the few family members who do not wish to be "online."

28.7.2010 в 10:56 до полудня

Rob, sorry they don't understand the importance of this research, I'd do what Mimi suggested, using the first and middle initials. I have inlaws like that. They won't speak to me as if I am searching for some way to infiltrate their little world. Then again they have millions so maybe that is their fear. Who knows.

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9.8.2010 в 1:06 после полудня

Are we still not collaborating with METEB?

I received a request to merge and collaboration request from METEB today. I looked at the profile that was to be compared and I can't read it because it's in Bulgarian or Russian.

9.8.2010 в 1:34 после полудня
Private User
9.8.2010 в 3:59 после полудня

Hi, have you tried using the Google translator, it is part of the Google toolbar

Private User
9.8.2010 в 5:26 после полудня

Martin Severin Eriksen that is the one. I'm just going to keep them on my do-not-collaborate-with mental note.

Private User, it's hard to translate names. If it's not Anglican or Latin I can't even recognize it. At least with Latin or Anglican or even German they can at least be identified...

Catherine de Francais/Katalina av Franca/Katherine of France at least look similar and you can tell they are possibly the same person. If it was written in Arabic, Russian and Chinese, I wouldn't be able to tell.

Private User
11.8.2010 в 1:30 до полудня

wow there is some pretty strong sentiment on lalu's page. i am sorry we couldnt come to a compromise. so when did noah become president of geni ^U^

12.8.2010 в 8:16 до полудня

You asked "so when did noah become president of geni ^U^"


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18.8.2010 в 2:20 до полудня

Thanks David. You manage a lot of profiles I've come across lately. So, it's good to know. However, the brother kind of "scares" me because I'm not sure if he'll be making changes like his brother did???

18.8.2010 в 7:05 до полудня

His "brother" is just him using a different profile to get access to Geni after he was kicked off.

18.8.2010 в 12:11 после полудня

Do we know who this is??
Борис Борисов Станимиров, Jr.:

Private User
18.8.2010 в 3:34 после полудня

Thanks Shmuel. LOL What a creep! I'll just keep them blocked then.

Private User
18.8.2010 в 3:34 после полудня

Günther Kipp I have no idea who that is.

14.9.2010 в 12:00 до полудня

I found also him Private User
Example of his work: Sarah Williams Name is changed from:
"Sara Kopland Morten" to "Сара Копланд Мортън". This "тън" part of the last name explains that he tries to wrote names just according to Bulgarian grammar/style. Most of other Slavic/Cyrillic languages are using "ъ" very rarely nowadays.

14.9.2010 в 12:12 до полудня

Is the profile number changed for Лалю Метев ?
Here is no reference to this discussion at his profile.

For testing purposes I un-blocked him and now I'm unable to block him again. The link/button part is missing (exsisting are just Friend and Family Invitation links).

14.9.2010 в 12:14 до полудня

Geni deleted his link again!
1) Private User
2) http://www.geni.com /people /Лалю-Метев /372003199390012404
3) Private User

14.9.2010 в 4:59 до полудня

you can't block him, because that profile is no longer claimed. This is a good thing. :-)

Private User
14.9.2010 в 9:38 до полудня

It would be nice if people are changing names from one alphabet to another...please leave the English spelling on the tree!!!! and put the Cyrillic (or vice versa) in () so a person can tell who they are. Please don't delete the English version of names, placenames, etc.

14.9.2010 в 10:43 до полудня

I've heard rumors that there will soon be a Bulgarian joining the curator ranks.. hopefully he will be able to smooth out some of the ruffled feathers regarding the name disagreements. I agree that we should strive to keep both the native name/alphabet as well as the English version on the profiles (and I think the curators already have a pretty good system for doing this with the admittedly-restrictive name fields we offer)

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