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Started by David Embrey on Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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4/30/2010 at 3:04 PM

The Bloomfield And Dunham stack was PERFECTLY FINE. I looked at it, looked it up on the internet...they were teh same.

The only difference was John and Jonathan (the same person who had a different spelling of his first name). The kids were the same, the son-in-law was the same. They only had the wife with her married name and no maiden name. That was the only difference. I finished the merge that my collaborater David Kaleita had stacked. There was nothing wrong with the stack/merge.

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4/30/2010 at 3:36 PM

For something so wrong it was EXACTLY how you described it:
"jonathan Dunham and Mary Bloomfiled
are parents of
Esther Dunham m. Samuel Smith"

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4/30/2010 at 3:44 PM

@Judith "I am only glad i will be out of it soon good luck on you "BIG TREE"

When? You've been REAL DIFFICULT and that is why I blocked you regarding you asking me to delete Clement Hinckley or change their gender from Female to Male or vice versa, yet did not want to collaborate. You delete profiles, you don't accept merges, yet want to merge without collaborating for the sake of being able to delete things you believe should be gone of YOUR tree that is also being shared by OTHER people.

Thanks for the info though on my great-grand-father's helped me. However, on Geni, you've been really domineering on the Hinckley surname as if the profiles that other people manage didn't matter....whether it was correct or not. I'm sure most of us didn't ask to be on the "Big Tree," but it happened and it's unfortunate that people don't want to share information or want to dominate things (like that guy who rewrites everything in Russian when the people he merged with all wrote in English).

Whatever, I digress.

4/30/2010 at 5:09 PM

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you look at the tree while it is being worked on. To fix the problems you sometimes need to take some interim steps that make it look horribly screwed up for awhile.

In any case, I've been working on this area of the tree for most of the day and think I've left it in much better shape than I found it. Sorry about asking you to merge John and Jonathan, as I know these are not the same name. But in this case, both profiles were indeed for the same person. Somebody put the wrong name (John or Jonathan) on one of them. Now I just need to figure out which of those two names is actually correct.

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4/30/2010 at 6:13 PM

David, it's been listed as John, Johnathan, and Jonathan. Don't sweat it. :) You were right in your stack and I merged it for you. Have a happy evening. I'm going to watch GREASE the play.

David K I did not touch her dunham tree take anything out of it - I with the help of Gene and Denise U. have been backing out of the BIG TREE yesterday

It was almost accomplished there were a few kinks to get all JEB's in the Susannah & John Smith and Robert Hinckley and Elizabeth & Katherine lines

then all I had to do was come up with new profiles for Ichabod Smith & Hannah and John Smith and Susannah as in the battle with miss private I gave them up to the big tree I fought with her constantly merging and reemerging when i refused to merge 12 hours straight one night

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4/30/2010 at 6:23 PM

LOL Whatever. I wasn't fighting. I blocked you.

Private livign youo fought me for 12 hours one night you kept merging and merging - you maybe did finally blocked me which THANK YOU FOR LEAVINg ME ALONE

that is why unknowning I was finally gettign ahead of reclaiming my JEB profiles :-)

But you win -BINGO

Living private remember how intent you were related to Joseph Barron the Indian Interpreter who lived in Vincennes and Logansport Indiana and all your Barrons were from Michigan and Canada and the dtaes did not even come close to matching your Joseph Barron? :-) You found you that he was not your Joseph Barron of the Detriot Michigan area!

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4/30/2010 at 6:44 PM

Lady, you're a nutcase. I don't care how long you have been researching your family has been researching family for years as well, and what I have is hand-me downs and information I dug up myself as well. I was stacking profiles as I was working through the Hinckley were the first to contact me emailing me about why you don't want to merge and emailing me about who is who in the tree....yadda yadda. Get over yourself already I wouldn't try and BOTHER you on purpose, you were ATTACHED to the tree. But, you're welcome. I blocked you because YOU were BOTHERING ME constantly trying to merge without trying to collaborate.

I did NOT fight you. In tree mode, I don't know who's profile belongs to who...I just merge if I see a duplicate, obviously you had many. Apparently, you still haven't figured that out since you only recently started to collaborate with Embrey and Brox to understand the gist of how Geni's system works. Perhaps you need to go back to pen and paper...

Leave you alone? That was a good chuckle, because the point in me blocking you is so you'd leave ME alone. LOL Nice try, Grandma.

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4/30/2010 at 6:46 PM

Judith, like I said, thank you regarding the great-grandfather's ancestors. Now with the collaboration thing...and you're welcome in that I still had your GEDCOM to give back to you when you lost your information. :)

I did not personally change any ones tree - I was merging out of the "BIG TREE" and that was my only purpose and intent to regain my original profiles - I merged only because Geni Reps told me I had to merge the profiles that were coming in - thus I did for a couple of week - then took 2 week off and came back and started what the Geni rep told me to do next which was I had to unmerge every blue dot, every triangle and break all the 2X,#X 4x 5x and 6X cycles - I am greatful for the help of the 2 geni pro members who helped me merge out as far as I did during February, March and April - they are to GENI's - thanks denise U. & Gene

I have very bad feelign towards Geni, the Geni Reps and some others the one collaborate I had - those who continually merge when I refused to not merge my tree and finally those who badgered me in to collaborating and joining the"BIG TREE"

I still advocate that Geni needs to find a way the means that each persons tree is overlayed and they have the choice of whether to join it or not

Right now there is no choice - because if even one person asks you to merge - even if not in corroboration you loose your original profile to that person and you are thus forced into the "BIG TREE" against your will

Geni is not the place for the true Genealogist who seeks documentation and the person who seeks an accurate tree documented tree. It lacks professional genealogy guidelines I my mind everything entered on here should be fully documented and sourced and notes made as to why changes where made - and discrepancies noted that exist in parentage of every and each person -

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4/30/2010 at 8:23 PM

"I my mind everything entered on here should be fully documented and sourced and notes made as to why changes where made"

Very good point. In some ways, Geni is kinda of a Wikipedia of family trees, and the Wikipedia has made citation a big deal. Geni users should similarly be using the documents feature to document their entries, and make sure any discrepancies and unknowns are listed in the "about me" section.

To say that Geni users aren't true genealogists is unfair. OK, I'm not, but many of these people are. We all just need to be more careful about including documentation on the profiles, and not just our at-home stash.

"I my mind everything entered on here should be fully documented and sourced and notes made as to why changes where made"

Why ?

A true and good genealogist would not hesitate to do it and would not mind doing it -

I would dare say that truthfully that if you would want this done - in essence if you do not care to have or do the documentation in some form - you are not considered a true full fledged genealogist - you and for those who gedcom everything into files etc. - there is little work involved other than to make sure you do not have more than ONE profile for each person instead of the 2, 3, and 4 I have found in the individual trees - the one tree I was cleaning up that I inherited and was cleaning up till yesterday at last count had 4 profiles of a person in it - and no one on Geni was matching on the same profile only occasionally creating up to 6 cycles per profiles at times there are thousands of 2 cycles and 3 cycles to break in this tree let alone the 4,5 and 6 and I was stupid enough to sit here for hours working form the screen view of the tree chasing every profile back to the last ancestor in the line even if it went back to 50 BC

I guess my standards are not up to Geni - it is One profile - break up the offending cycles and DOCUMENT DOCUMENT ANNOTATE AND ANNOTATE = and especially those profiles that are constantly merged as being the same when they are to different profiles -

All are welcome to take out my notes and annotations from the Smith-Hinckley lines as I said before

It worthless to has over a dead horse - all anyone is interested in is the "BIG TREE"

I was long ago told to turn over my tree to the "Sharks", the "wolves" and to dump everything even if not connected to the "BIG TREE"

I know of one Hinckley SMith Geni User who joined on April 19th 2010 and he dumped his tree yesterday April 30, 2010 - that should say something is wrong with the system

As I have gotten feed back many Geni users feel there should be an overlya where the user would retain their own tree - and when feel comfortable with joing or merging the big tree do so with out being forced into it no matter what -

If a user refuses to merge - a profile that profile moves to the users tree thus forcing him into the "BIG TREE" even tho he refused to merge -

If he merges he loses his profile anyway ans it becomes a conglomeration of all the profiles merge - to complete a merge one has to choose the best data out of which is provided from 2 - 20 profiles yes 20 maybe even 177 how many different dates , paces etc does not match any of the profiles - I have a wide screen and 20 does not even fit on the screen to view to decipher and decided which is the correct one to use - each and every person who merges if they have different data are asked to choose the best "answer" from the profiles

Thus each and everyone of you change the profile data, parents etc. every time you merge select a different set of parents than another supplies - each and everyone of the mergers are guilty of changing the conglomerated profile once you merge YOU LOOSE YOUR ORIGINAL profile - that's the bottom line - the other bottom line is to "dump' your entire tree and leave Geni -

Only way not to loose your original profile is DO NOT MERGE and above all DO NOT COLLABORATE but then you are put on the hit list of every Geni user - and then badgered into collaboration

The very bottom line is if you wish to keep all the data as you original entered into Geni and have merged or collaborated - you have lost control of your tree and profiles - As anyone of the colloborators can change the profiles or you could do like I did from end of December till yesterday shut out the colloborator(s) - make it where you are the only one who can edit both living and deceased profiles and then became a part of the hit list rather HATE LIST

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4/30/2010 at 10:53 PM

Judi said this: I did not personally change any ones tree

LIAR. I received this in my email YESTERDAY, I just didn't say anything till now:
Geni ✆
to me

show details 12:05 AM (22 hours ago)

Dear Living Private,

Judith Elaine Burns has deleted the profile of John Hinckley, a profile you manage.
- Hide quoted text -
If you'd like to add the profile back, edit your tree:

You may also contact Judith Elaine Burns via her profile:

Judith "Judi" Elaine (McKee) Burns - Restoring 114+ yr House

-The Geni Team

YOU DO DELETE PROFILES and THAT IS WHY YOU WERE BLOCKED to begin with. The sole fact you began collaborating with someone I collaborate with and share nodes with gave you that option and you took it upon yourself yesterday to start deleting now that you discovered the wonders of collaborating. :)

Private User
4/30/2010 at 10:58 PM

And the other email I received from Geni seconds after:
Geni ✆
to me

show details 12:05 AM (22 hours ago)

Dear Living Private,

Judith Elaine Burns has deleted the profile of Mary Hinckley - jeb, a profile you manage.
If you'd like to add the profile back, edit your tree:

You may also contact Judith Elaine Burns via her profile:

Judith "Judi" Elaine (McKee) Burns - Restoring 114+ yr House

-The Geni Team

You don't do things to the trees of other people? You got access and you did as you pleased. You still will get your tree as you exit, and deleting things off that are managed by other people. One thing I can't stand, is a liar and hypocrite. You've been both.

The only profiles I am removed was the ones theat listed me as ADDER and manager and there were no other managers listed to the names unders managers -

I am sorry I an not leaving any profile that is UNATTACHED to the so called 'big tree'

they are my profiles and mine alone if they have to other managers attached to them YOU CAN NOT DELETE and you CAN NOT DELETE ant profile that has other managers listed on them -

All I did was merge or requested - a change in parentage and children put in order through 2 Geni Pro users -

am am sorry I am not leaving my unattached profiles on the site -

I have seen what the merging has done I have spent since December tearing every merge apart to regain my original profiles - the errors under neath the merges are sometime very un-excusable -

I did not request the merges you and other forced them on me I shut out my one and only collaborator back at the end of January as Geni Reps told me to do

I tore every blue dot, every yellow triangle apart that could be done to break cycles which Geni Reps TOLD me had to be done to make the tree WORK - when I could not do it I asked one of the 2 Geni Pros to help me in them matter

Each and every profile I have ahave delted has had only this on it
ADDED BY: Judith Elaine Mckee Burns
and had an "X" in the upper right hand corner

again no managed profile with managers can be deleted

I was not ever a collaborator with you at any time - the only collaborator I had was turned off around December 22nd

Until I was badgered into opening up collaboration yesterday

And I remember well you telling em back when you were not interested in this family line you did not have time to follow it and you were not interested in carrying out the merges back then -

OH well its water under the dam - I DID NOT CHANGE ANY OF YOUR PROFILES or the Dunham family tree - I have no interest in it Dunham tree

AS all my docmentation and notes says John m. mary Smith d/o john and SUsanna was s/o of John only and possibly son of John & Dorothy?

as for Esther there is no other documentation for the parentage orther than found in the trees - there is no direct quotes from any sources - there is no wills, estate records to prove her parentage

and my notes say she is possible the daughter of Johthan and Mary Bloomfield

I have left, notes, annotations, and documentation that has been satisfactory to everyone BUT you like I said if you do not like them take them OUT my Blessings to you and you have my permission tho I no longer have any control over what is done as I have handed manger-ship of the profiles over to others BUT YOU

Private User
4/30/2010 at 11:48 PM

BUT ME? My feelings are soooooo hurt. *big laugh* Like I care. If I cared so much about the Hinckleys I'd have bothered you and badgered you to collaborate. LOL

You're still lying, you DID delete those profiles, otherwise geni wouldn't have sent me that. Yes you CAN delete profiles other people manage, I've asked permission from collaborators when I couldn't get something to work if I can DELETE someone they manage before I readd them back. And, because I'm KIND ENOUGH, I add them on as a primary manager.

you are not getting to clean up and get my profiles back -= The only ones i delted after collobartion began sometime alst nigt is my own that said


I asked them to do anything I could not get to work -

Private User
5/1/2010 at 12:06 AM

Ma'am, please use spell-check. It's not worth reading 4 words by you sometimes. You can't explain anything to me anymore in 3 sentences or in 50, because I already know that you deleted profiles I managed and that others collaborated on. There was NOT a glitch in the system. :)

What I've said, others wanted to say but haven't for the sake of being Politically Correct. I'm not always PC.

5/1/2010 at 3:01 PM

@Judi, can I just say that being in the big tree is not all that bad. If your connection to it is minimal then you probably won't notice a huge difference anyway. If you are closely connected to an historic profile well, then that's another story.
Also has it been pointed out that you do not lose control of a profile just become joint managers.

Please have some patience and see what it's like being in the big tree before you delete a bunch of profiles

Private User
5/3/2010 at 8:29 PM

LOL 12 hour fight.

Private User
5/3/2010 at 9:48 PM

I could use any help anyone could give, I got over 10k merges. :(

I can't seem to keep up with them.

5/4/2010 at 12:22 AM

If you have add a profile and merge it into another simulare profile you should not loose your profile. We all editors will remain management of the profile after the new release in maiy 2009 (be a manager of the profile) but only one wil be the main manager. It should be the oldest or most complete profile. So when some have been more active to work with merge issues for more than 2 years many hours a day they probably will be the administrator. Even me with a lots of collaborators and came into the tree when it had around 40000 profiles have lost a lot of management. Still I can work and see the lines and hopefully my collaborators also. Deleting profiles should not be done.

If you block a person and have no other colloborators of a line you want be able to see that ones profiles and the lines will be broken. So when you locked out Gwyneth McNeil witch was your only collaborators you broke your own line.

You cannot start collaborating to anyone if you would like to have the main management of your tree! Its a chain and if you are one of the newest harder to get the main management. Therefore it is easier to just ask for collaborating/and or familygroup. Than you could fill in missing informations and missing familymembers. To those profiles you would be the main manager. The other profiles you would like to have management to without making a new profile you can ask for management.

I am one that the last days have sent Judie collaborating request when others sends me requests to merge. I forward merge issues to other active collaborators were I can and send requests to those not collaborate to anyone. Because we would like to have one profile of each person, than the tree look nicer. EVERYONE IS RELATED!
It takes a lots of time to merge a profile with 200-300 simulare profiles at each person. And many are only merging by names without looking at birth, partner, parents or children. That makes conflicts that makes it worse to solve the problems. Fore example I have used 4 evenings the last week solving forwarded merge issues to me at Pepin II and Charles "the Hammer" Martel and still not finished because some have merged wrong Pepin(s) together so there are a loop somewhere.

If you want to be in the Big Tree you should use another program than GENI to have your own tree (security) and you can export your gedcom from GENI into that.

I merge around 100 each day and the amount of my merge issues at own profiles are still around 1200. I just deny to give up my intention to finish my merge issues and than delete those who never respond.

5/4/2010 at 12:23 AM

I ment delete the merge request to those that do not respond to anyone.

Private User
5/4/2010 at 1:45 AM

Judy, - the main problem is not the profiles you have added your selves, but those two accounts you have inherited (someone have called it hijacked), - <private> Watkins (Stanton) and Stacey Lynn Kohl.

You should strongly consider asking Geni to transfer these profiles to someone with more collaborators and willing to share and maintain them collaborating with everyone involved and related to.

This will NOT affect your own profiles and you will still have access to these being a co-manager even if you are not collaborating with the new primary manager.

I strongly beg you to follow my advice and contact with your request. They have tools for doing the bulk-transfer within seconds if you just ask them.

Bjørn P. Brox
Today at 1:45 AM

Judy, - the main problem is not the profiles you have added your selves, but those two accounts you have inherited (someone have called it hijacked), - Linda Watkins and Stacey Kohl.

You should strongly consider asking Geni to transfer these profiles to someone with more collaborators and willing to share and maintain them collaborating with everyone involved and related to.

This will NOT affect your own profiles and you will still have access to these being a co-manager even if you are not collaborating with the new primary manager.

I strongly beg you to follow my advice and contact with your request. They have tools for doing the bulk-transfer within seconds if you just ask them.

I have lost my entire tree because of having to re-open collaboration after being badgered into it on about April 28 - so I manually too out all my profiles that WERE NOT connected before the tree before doing so - also probably because my tree will have to be DUMPED but another would like me to do what is stated above by Bjorn

Okay I want Geni to transfer these profiles to someone with more collaborators and willing to share and maintain them collaborating with everyone involved and related to.

to the following trees of -

Linda Watkins - @<private> Watkins (Stanton)
Stacy Kohl - @<private> Watkins (Stanton)

DO NOT tell me again that the CAN NOT be extracted from my tree as I have been told by Bjorn @
for the second time that it can be done and by another Geni users

PLEASE transfer all the Linda Watkins and Stacy Kohl profiles to - Bjorn - AT
Ticket ID: HPP-581053
Department: Geni Help Request
Full Name: Judith E. Burns

I sent all the above to GENI - I will post their reply if any -

I also asked them If I could start my tree over with same e-mail -

I know that you can have your tree on here and not be a part of the big tree - and not loose your profiles to the big tree if you refuse to merge profiles - or so says a woman - someone you guys are asking merges with sent me a very nice e-mail - refusing to merge any of the profiles that you and piled into these merges - If she can do it I should of been able to do it - but every time I refused one merge request I lost my profile to whom ever was at the list of merge requests -

If it can't be then the users tree should be ONLY an overlay of the Big Tree -

MY TREE did not look great - it was all _ a bunch of railroad track lines - loops etc that you could not follow - it was spread out so far you could not see a single family group - it had thousand of blue dots, yellow triangles
2,3,4,5,6x cycles

I was not asking for any merges only completing ones that were passed to me - I would refuse to merge - LOOSE my profile - and it would be replaced by Bjorn's, living private, whom ever is connected to the Smith-Hinckley and allied lines - thus in the end I LOST all my original profiles and have to accept it - and someone whines if they loose one or two - or if they were deleted to be corrected into the right families by the Geni PRO user who requested management of one of my profiles - long enough to do it -

I only deleted my JEB profiles - and if I did not I converted them to jeb - merged them into the BIG TREE - since and have done that constantly since April 28 when David K, David E forced me into the big Tree again - I added 2 other collaborators because they tried to help me get back my original tree and I TRUST THEM Denise Unander and Gene Daniell4 and I also added Bjorn as Denise by whats been said trusts him and thinks he can accomplish anything

Someone said the more the merrier - but - the more collaborators you add the more merges you have to complete - as Kenneth O states I got over 10k merges - the more collaborators you add the more merges you will have

By the way it is JUDI - not Judy - - what does my profile say?

From: "Geni Staff" <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 11:34 AM
To: <>
Subject: [#HPP-581053]: asking Geni to transfer these profiles to someone

> Dear Judith E. Burns ,
> This is an automatic response to let you know that your help request has been received. A Geni team member will be in touch with a response. In the meantime, you may find these additional resources helpful:
> FAQ:
> Forum:
> Wiki:
> Thanks for being a Geni user,
> The Geni Team

Private User
5/4/2010 at 9:35 AM

Thanks Judi, - but you used the same profile ID to both Linda and Stacey.

Stacey profile id is Stacey Lynn Kohl

As I have said before the Stacey Kohl added -by profiles list contains 6 invited users and I will pass her and the family profiles over to one of them if I am able to get contact.

The family group of Linda Watkins will be deleted/removed, - both in respect of their privacy. Public/historical profiles will remain and free to merge.

You own tree will probably be easier to disconnect now since you only have your own tree and not the trees of a 10th cousin.

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