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May 3, 2010.
First, We (Eason Family) wish Joseph a very Happy Birthday! They just get better if you disregard your age and behave foolishly. Much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside, on a serious note. I have not heard from any of certain family members for may years. I really do not like communicating via e-mail; however if that is your choice of communcation, then I will join the web site. I really miss all of you and that includes John & Janine, Michael & Family, Thomas & Mary Ellen & Family, Joseph & Kristen & Family, Mary Higgins Bell, Genevieve & Jeff & young Thomas, Katherine Nunez & Family. I do reguarly keep in touch with Jim & Vincent. They accept me as I am. And I am bossy & a perfectionist; however, just deal with it if you want to have a relationship with me!!! I do not know what has happened to us. We used to be so close. So, where do we start? I would really enjoy a visit from you in Louisiana and I will reciprocate to the best of my ability to come and visit you.

I have a birthday coming up shortly and I will be 52 years of age. I would like to discuss and solve where we went wrong and see if we can make it better. Maybe we will be unable to do so, but at least we can say we tried. Also, Mimi & Connie are not well. Many of you are able to see them more frequently. Why haven't you? They are our parents and regardless of our differences, we need to care for them and love them - we only have one set of parents. They need our help. If you would like to visit here instead of a beach trip, then feel free to contact me. We have a large pool & Jacuzzi & lots of LA sea food if the Gulf Spill does not contaminate everything! Please call me on my cell phone: 504.578.8161. I would love to hear your voices.
Love to all of to. I miss you very much.
Jamie Eason'
504.578.8161 ( cell)
985, 624,9808 (Lawyers Research business line
985.626.5358 (Weiss & Eason, L.L.P.)

With kindest regards & much love,

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