Samarbeidsfora for dem som holder på med norske slekter.

Начал Kjell Odding вторник, 4 мая 2010


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6.5.2010 в 8:07 после полудня

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8.5.2010 в 4:04 после полудня

@Mona Lisa Odding

9.5.2010 в 4:08 до полудня

@Liss Hege Witzøe

9.5.2010 в 4:11 до полудня

Synnøve Elisabeth Nybakken@synn

Jeg er med

9.5.2010 в 4:49 до полудня

@Per Vetlesen

9.5.2010 в 9:47 до полудня

The easiest way to find relatives has been for me, clicking on the upper middle of peoples profiles where it says how are you related to this person?

9.5.2010 в 12:01 после полудня

for me it seems that every second of the 32450 merge issues i have is a distant relative of mine.

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9.5.2010 в 12:13 после полудня

Michael T Lancaster
Michael! You do not have any merge issues at all!
You need to uncheck the box "include collaborators" as you now get the total merge issues of all your collaborators (this number is therefor different for all of us depending on how many collaborators we have.).

You only get merge issues for profiles you manage.

9.5.2010 в 12:26 после полудня

Hovever i still have relatives with merge issues, its only within my own tree i dont have issues. If you trace Hugo Helms Hasselbalch, he seems to be in relations with half of Europe and a few in the States, Canada and the middle east.
These issues are some that i like to resolve, witch is why i collaborate in the merge pool. In my own branch of the big tree, i am trying to trace my father in Canada, my grandmother in England, and my cousins in Switzerland, Canada and Norway.

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9.5.2010 в 12:33 после полудня

I am not shore I follow
Are there specific issues you want to solve in the lines of Hasselbachs?

(Hugo Helms Hasselbalch is my grandfather's wife's great uncle's wife's brother's wife's brother)


9.5.2010 в 12:34 после полудня

Only if there are duplicates, and there are plenty.

9.5.2010 в 12:39 после полудня

Hugo was married to Grethe Ditlevsen, who´s brother was my mothers father. My mother came to live with them in 1930 and stayed the rest of her life. I lived with Grethe and my mother the first 17 years of my life. Are You in her branch or in his second wife Claras?

10.5.2010 в 12:56 до полудня
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10.5.2010 в 1:36 до полудня

@Kjell Nilsen-Nygaard

10.5.2010 в 6:27 до полудня

Flott å se at det stadig kommer nye til. Send gjerne tips til andre dere har kontakt med og be dem også om å delta.

10.5.2010 в 6:54 до полудня
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10.5.2010 в 12:21 после полудня

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10.5.2010 в 2:04 после полудня

@Kåre Tofte

11.5.2010 в 9:05 до полудня
12.5.2010 в 11:28 до полудня
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13.5.2010 в 6:47 до полудня

Hei kjell. Når jeg klikker på linken du anbefalte....så fikk jeg beskjed at siden finnes ikke. Dette er skuffende.
Mvh Lisa

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13.5.2010 в 7:03 до полудня

@Lisa Svendsen
Prøv å fjern hermetegnet på slutten av adressen.

13.5.2010 в 7:30 до полудня
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13.5.2010 в 8:59 до полудня


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18.5.2010 в 7:48 после полудня

@mary øvringmo

18.5.2010 в 10:31 после полудня
19.5.2010 в 7:04 до полудня

@Vibeke Waclawczyk

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20.5.2010 в 10:50 до полудня

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21.5.2010 в 12:36 до полудня

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21.5.2010 в 1:04 после полудня

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