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Started by Private User on Monday, May 17, 2010


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5/17/2010 at 5:58 AM

It is very important not to choose the link to share your Geni link on Facebook.
Facebook has struggled with identity theft for years.
Identity theft advisors have made it very clear that you not even identify your children's or parent's names on Facebook in links on photos or on your wall.
To link your Geni tree to Facebook would be very detrimental as most everything needed to obtain your birth certificate would be at someone's fingertips.
If you have done this already, I ask that you please consider rescinding it. Although you can never truly "undo" something that has been done online, it will make it much harder to find.
Thank you so very much. We have created a wonderful family tree! It will be wonderful for it to continue to flourish!
Love to all!
~ Cianne "Cindy" "Bratski"
(Your tree hostess)

P.S. This is YOUR family tree as well, please make corrections that you see need to be made and if you have more history to our tree that need to be made (which I would LOVE to know about) please add it. THANKS!!

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