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5/17/2010 at 5:26 PM

Hi All,

I've got hold of the original Polish Birth record from 1837 for Josek (or Joseph as we know him). It translates as:

"It happened in the city of Konskie on the nineteenth day of October in the year eighteen thirty-seven, at eight o'clock in the evening. Appeared before me the Jew Zelman Cyna, aged forty, a tinsmith, living in the city of Konskie in the presence of the witnesses, the Jews Leybus Przysuki aged forty and Abrama Rosenzweig aged forty two both inhabitants of Konskie. And he showed to us a male child, born here in Konskie on the nineteenth of October of the current year at eight o'clock in the evening of his wife Sora, aged thirty-eight years, to whom the name was given Josek Cyna. Afterwards, this document was read to those present and was signed by us.

/(father) Zelman Cyna (Hebrew and Polish signature)
/ witness / Leybus Przysuki Polish signature)
/ witness/ Abrama Rosenzweig (Polish signature)
Registrar of Vital Statistics (Polish signature)"

So this gives us a birth year of 1797 for Zelman Cyna and 1799 for his
wife Sora.

Interestingly it also includes his father Zelman Cyna's signature in Hebrew with the surname spelt צינה.

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