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5/19/2010 at 3:10 AM

James John McCarty's wife is generally thought to be Sarah Fugate I have doubted that for some time and came across this. Would someone please help me remove Sarah Fugate as his wife?


The name Sarah Fugate, as the wife of James McCarty, is so common that it’s taken for granted that it’s correct. After years of research I have come to believe that there is no source for this name. About 90% of the people I have asked simply tell me they got the name from another person, online, a book, magazine or LDS records. On the rare occasion when someone gives a source they say it came from Darby McCarty’s Bible; it’s not in the Bible. After much research I have reached the conclusion that the name comes from misreading The Virginia Genealogist January – March 1959 Volume 3, Number 1, pages 23 – 26, which doesn’t give her name. When Mr. Prentiss Price writes his wonderful article “McCarty Bible Records” he makes one tactical error- none of his information is wrong. His error is in the order he presents the information. He starts the article by giving some information about the Bible itself and then says it seems to have been the family Bible of James McCarty. Then when he gives the family information from the Bible he starts with the family of Sarah and James McCarty. If anyone is just looking for the name of James wife then they look no further than this since they have found what they are looking for. Unfortunately this James is the son of the James who once owned the Bible and not the James in question himself. The way it’s written is confusing unless you read the whole article and I understand why this error has occurred. The older James’ wife has been known as Sarah since 1959.

I’m really grateful to Mr. Price for doing his article as it was how I learned Darby and Hannah McCarty were my ancestors and it gave me the lead as to where the Bible is now located- thank you Mr. Price.

When I learned Sharlie Cope Hill owned Darby and Hannah’s Bible, from Mr. Price’s article, I phoned her to see if she had any additional information. For the most part she didn’t have anything beyond what was in the Bible. She then said she and her brother, Strum Cope, had given the Bible to the Lawson McGhee Library. This was in June 1983. When I asked if she knew the name of James’ wife she said she didn’t know for sure but had been told by a relative that her ancestors Rachel and William McCarty named four of their children in a row after their parents. Rachel was a daughter of Leah and Robert Kyle and William was a son of James and his wife. After their first two children, Elizabeth and Mary, were born, they name their next four children, Leah, Robert Kyle, Martha and James P. McCarty. We know three of the four were named after their parents. If what Sharlie says is true and they deliberately named these four children after their parents then William’s mother is named Martha.

It would seem strange to me if William and Rachel named three of their children after their parents and not name one after his mother at that time. They did have a daughter Sarah born some years later.

Years later Priscilla L. Vaughn told me this oral family history; Martha Angeline McCarty 1844 – 1923 told her children or at least her son James Hiram Vaughn 1866 - 1958, that she, Martha, was named after her Aunt Martha (McCarty) Satterfield and her mother of the same name. John, she said, names his first daughter after his mother and his second daughter after his wife, Elizabeth (Mayes) McCarty.

Both of these two vastly separated descendants of John McCarty, Sharlie a descendant of James’ oldest son, William, and Priscilla a descendant of James’ youngest son, John, believed James’ wife was named Martha.

I’m not saying this is proof James’ wife was named Martha, what I am saying is that since I believe the name Sarah is wrong I will use the oral family history given to me until we find proof of her name.

Mike McCarty
Castro Valley, CA

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5/19/2010 at 3:39 AM

Since this profile(s) is not connected any further you should just rename it to Unknown and copy what you wrote above into the About Me of that profile.

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5/19/2010 at 4:15 AM

Good idea Bjørn, it's done!

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