Decedents of Melinda Harp and William Skaggs

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Heather Arnold has the decendents of <private> Skaggs (Harp) and William Skaggs

Generation No. 1
*1. WILLIAM ANDERSON6 SKAGGS (ABEDNEGO5, RICHARD4, JAMES3, RICHARD "THOMAS"2, BUSEL1) was born May 15, 1823 in KY per census, date per county history, and died September 18, 1876 in AR, Newton Co, Jasper per tombstone. He married MELINDA EMELINE HARP, daughter of SOLOMON HARP and SARAH BOHANNAY. She was born 1824 in TN per census.

i. SOLOMON E.7 SKAGGS, b. 1847, AR, Madison Co December 23, 1845 per Dept. of Interior Burear of Pension, 1847 per tombstone; d. June 24, 1916, OK, Pittsburg Co, Hartshorne per pension termination, tombstone shows 1916.
ii. MARIAH "MINERVA" SKAGGS, b. 1848, AR per census.

iii. JOHN SKAGGS, b. 1849, MO, 2 1848 per1900 census, date per tombstone; d. 1931, AR, Newton Co per tombstone.
iv. SARAH JANE SKAGGS, b. May 1850, AR per census.
v. ELIZABETH "BETTIE" SKAGGS, b. February 01, 1852, AR, Newton Co per census & cemetery record; d. May 10, 1930, AR, Newton Co per census & cemetery record.
vi. EMILY SKAGGS, b. 1855, AR per census.

vii. SAMUEL SKAGGS, b. 1857, AR, Newton Co, Jasper per family; d. 1926, OK, Seminole Co, Wewoka per tombstone.
viii. SALINA (HARP) SKAGGS, b. 1859, AR; Adopted child.

ix. ANGELINE S. (HARP) SKAGGS, b. 1862, AR, Newton Co per D. Mills; d. Bet. 1894 - 1895, AR, Searcy Co, Pindall per D. Mills; Adopted child.

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