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August Ley, husband of Harriet (Powell) Ley, was born
at Shanesville, O., Oct. 11, 1839. His great grandfather,
John Frederick Ley, was born May 6, 1738; was a min-
ister; died April 1, 1788. His grandfather, Frederick Chas.

Ley, was born was also a minister, died in 1818.

His father, Charles Ley, was born Dec. 11, 1807, in a province of
Germany, though, according to trusty tradition the Ley family were


originally from the Netherlands, and were an influential and tal-
ented people. Charles came to America in 1833, locating at Shanes-
ville, O., where, on May 25, 1S35, he was married to Caroline

Augustus Ley, after receiving a good common school education,
in 1858 he entered Duff's Commercial college at Pittsburgh, Pa.,
graduating from this school with high honors; then accepted a
position as clerk in a general store at Bakersville, O., and in 1860
he became sole owner. Five years later, June 1, 1865, he was united
in marriage to Miss Harriet J. Powell, daughter of Henry C. and
Fanny Powell. To this union five sons and one daughter were
born, Chas Henry, Francis Washington, Lewis Emery, Howard
Augustus, Albert Walter and Minnie Mae. In 1869 he moved his
store to Port Washington, O., where he remained in business until
his death, Dec. 17, 1900. He was one of the most prominent resi-
dents and business men of Tuscarawas county, a most affectionate
husband and father, and was perfectly honest with all men.

Harriet J. (Powell) Ley was born in a little log cabin, her
father's home, near Bakersville, in 1845, Feb. 22. She writes, she
well remembers the log house with its great wide fire place, and
seeing her father roll in the big back logs for it, and well recol-
lects when she was seven years old and they moved into the new
brick house. She experienced the privations, before described in
this book, of a frontier life and though school privileges were not
good, she so advanced that she passed a county examination of
teachers, but never used her certificate, for she shortly got married
and now (1914) she writes me, "My grand children often want me
to tell them about when I was a little girl, tell them of the old log
cabin, and how we used to play under the old chestnut tree, and
gather chestnuts, and hazel nuts, and how we used to fish in the
little runs and creeks; and how we used to wander over the woods,
hills and meadows gathering wild flowers."

A year later, 1915) and Harriet Loveless writes me: "Aunt Har-


riet passed away Saturday, Sept. 4; will be buried at Port Wash-

Harriet Ley was a woman of more than ordinary brightness
and cheerfulness, and from the tone of her letters I can well say,
Oh, how she loved her husband and children, and what an example
of truly a christian life she set them. After her husband's death
she wrote me: "The children wouldn't listen to me staying alone,"
so she sold out and moved to Canal Dover to be near them, and
made her home with her daughter, Minnie, where she had every
care a loving daughter could give.

Charles, oldest son of Augustus and Harriet Ley, was born
June 1, 1866. He is 5 ft, 10 in. tall, weighs 170 lbs., has dark blue
eyes, dark brown hair, which, just now as he is passing the half
century mark, is some mixed with grey. In 1882 he started in the
dry goods business as clerk in his father's store, holding this posi-
tion for about 13 years, during which time he served as city coun-
cilman, and for a number of years was a member of the board of
education. In 1895 he accepted a position as traveling salesman for
the wholesale dry goods firm of James B. Haines & Sons, of Pitts-
burgh, which position he held till the fall of 1910, when he was
elected treasurer of Tuscarawas county for a term of two years, at
the end of which term he was re-elected for another term, which
position he holds at present. He was married June 22. 1888. to
Minnie Hammersley.

To them were born 4 children, Walter Augustus, Lester Her-
man, Robert Earl, and Irma Haines. Walter was born Aug. 22,
1889, and died Feb. 7, 1891; Lester was born Apr. 27, 1891, and is, at
present, assistant deputy in his father's office. Robert was born
Aug. 17, 1893, graduated at the Western Reserve Dental college at
Cleveland, O., and now has a very promising practice in Dover, 0.
Irma was born June 25, 1900, and is now in the city high school at
New Philadelphia, O.

Francis Washington, born Feb. 22, 1869, died Oct. 4, 1905. He


married Lena Phelps and to them one child came, Forest Campbell
Ley, born Apr. 21. 1898.

Lewis E., son of Augustus and Harriet Ley, was born Mar. 12,
1871. After finishing the common school work, he took a course in
bookkeeping; spent two years in his father's store, then went to
Omaha, Xebr., and was employed in the office of his Uncle Lewis
Ley's Tinware Mfg. Co. After several years spent in the west he
returned to his home town, and Nov. 20, 1S95, was married to Ella
J. Kinsey, who was born at Pt. Washington, July 10, 1874. She was
the daughter of Jacob and Barbara Kinsey. To Lewis and Ella
were born three children, Inez Pauline, born Sept. 19, 1897; Edith
Mabel. Mar. 6. 1907, and Jane Lois, Aug. 22, 1911. Edith died May
26, 1910, and was laid to rest in the cemetery at Pt. Washington.

From 1895 to 1899, Lewis was engaged as traveling salesman
for the Evans Cigar Mfg. Co., Urichsville, 0. In 1899 he accepted a
position as salesman with the Deis Fertig Co., a wholesale grocery
firm in Canal Dover, with which company he is still engaged, work-
ing the trade in the larger towns of their territory. In 1910 he
moved his family to Canal Dover, and built a comfortable home
where he now resides.

Howard A., son of Augustus and Harriet Ley, was born Mar. 6,
1874. At the age of 18 he obtained a position with G. S. Evans at
Urichsville as clerk and bookkeeper in his furnishing goods store.
In 1895 he went with a wholesale notion company of Canton, and in
1900 he took a position with J. B. Haines & Sons Co., of Pittsburgh,
in which company he has an interest and is traveling salesman over
western Pennsylvania territory. Dec. 19, 1906, he was married to
Nellie Williams, of Punxsutawney, Pa., where they now reside. She
was the daughter of T. Martin and Margaret (Clawson) Williams,
of English descent.

Albert W., son of Augustus and Harriet Ley, was born Nov. 12,


1876. He received his education in the public schools of Port
Washington, and at the age of 19 became a traveling salesman,
which line of work he has been engaged in ever since. On the 10th
day of July, 1901, he was married to Minnie C. Amendt, of New
Philadelphia, O. She was born in the village of Albeville, Medina
county; is the daughter of Frederick and Barbara Amendt, who
now reside in New Philadelphia. They are the parents of one son,
Howard Kenneth, who was born Apr. 5, 1907. He is a bright boy,
inclined to be rather studious and quiet.

Minnie (Ley) Wible, only daughter of Augustus and Harriet
Ley, was born in 1882, Jan. 26. After finishing her education in the
public schools, she remained at home until united in marriage on
Dec. 14, 1904, to Edwin Frederick Wible, of Canal Dover. They are
now the proud parents of four as bright children as can be found in
the Buckeye state; Josephine Elizabeth, b. Sept. 26, 1905; James
Frederick, b. Sept. 30, 1908; Paith Eleonor, b. July 21, 1910, and
David Augustus, b. Apr. 4, 1916.

Edwin F. Wible, the son of David and Laura E. Wible, was born
in Canal Dover, May 8, 1879. Received his education in Dover
schools and spent 7 years in the office of the Deis Fertig Co., whole-
sale grocers, of said city. At the time of his marriage he was en-
gaged as traveling salesman, but soon after entered the office of
the Reeves Banking and Trust Co., of Dover, and is now employed
by this bank as assistant secretary and treasurer, being also one of
the directors. They have a modern home and are enjoying life, as
well they may. Later, the writer visited them in 1917, and does not
hesitate to say, theirs is a truly model family.

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