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Until now 9 different van Wijhe families were found. Some people bearing the name van Wijhe in The Netherlands changed the name into van Wyhe after emigration to the USA or Australia.

Most of the research on the van Wyhe family is done by AB van Wijhe, Akersloot, The Netherlands. Of course with the help of several others. AB is working a project to produce a CD on the van Wijhe family. It's important to know how many people are interested, the CD will be in Dutch. Please send an email to order, or ask more information to Ab van Wijhe

The branch included in this database, has his roots in Zwolle (Hendrik van Wijhe, born abt 1690). The surname 'van Wijhe' is found a lot around Oldebroek, Noord-Veluwe and is found all over the Netherlands, the USA and Australia.
The main part of the research is completed. These people are mentioned here on the site only if their relation to my mother is certain. The database contains 1500 people belonging to my branch of the van Wijhe family. Most members of the van Wijhe Families are known, but not shown on this site because the research has been done by others.


Between 1271 and 1751 the noble family Van Wijhe lived on Castle The Wijenburg in Echteld. This family Van Wijhe owned the Castle for almost 500 years. About 1400 two new families developed from these Van Wijhe’s. A family Van Wijhe’s lived on Castle Hernen and the other family Van Wijhe’s (Van Wijhe van Ressenerbroek) lived in Arnhem. Later, about 1600, starting in Echteld a German stock Van Wijhe developed. Perhaps this means a disappointment to you, but until now no relations between these knights and living people are proven. About the Castle, its History and owners an interesting site is created by Geertrudis van Dijk and Hans van Wijhe. This website deserves the attention of all Van Wijhe's. Please visit VriendenVanDeWijenburg.

The Castle Wijenburg in Echteld still exists, you can book it for a party or wedding. Find Pictures and more Information at KasteelWijenburg.

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Fascinating read.

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